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does a tree have feelings ?

yes,they get mad when people cut them down and burn the tree in the fire place.sometimes i read to the tress(


what's the most outdated thing you still use today ?

definitely our home phone.

law & legal issues
sms and texting

whats the consequence of a threatening text ?

well for my friend it included being called up to the principles office and getting in huge trouble. if you're an adult it's just being filled with guilt.

literature and language
prefixes suffixes and root words

what are examples of prefixes and suffixes ?

a pre fix is a syllable placed in front of a word to add or to change its meaning.

prefix -- meaning -- example

1) anti -- against, opposite -- anti-fungal, antidepressant

2) auto -- self -- autograph, automobile

3) bi -- two -- bicycle, bivalve

4) con -- with -- contact, conform, converse

5) un -- not -- unconvincing, unnatural, unprepared

6) re -- again -- revisit, reenter

7) a, an -- not, without -- amoral, anesthetic, apolitical, asocial

8) ab -- away from -- abduction, abstain, abnormal

9) ambi -- both -- ambidextrous, ambivalent

10) centro, centri -- around, center -- concentric, centrifugal

11) dis -- apart, not -- disengage, discord, discomfort

a suf fix is a set of letters added at the end of a word to make another word or as an inflexion. it can alter the spelling of words when changing the part of speech.

suffix -- meaning -- example

1) -er -- doer -- teacher

2) -able -- able to -- unbelievable

3) -ous -- full of -- dangerous

4) -ness -- state of being -- happiness

5) -ful -- full of -- wonderful

6) -ly or y --like -- gently, wintry

7) -ment --state of -- government

8) -cide -- kill(ing) -- patricide, infanticide, herbicide, suicide

9) -logy -- study field of -- biology, geology, etymology, cardiology

10) -phobia -- exaggerated fear -- photophobia, claustrophobia, agoraphobia

football - american
american football history
super bowl

when was super bowl xlv played in 2011 ?

the 2011 super bowl xlv (45) was played on sunday february 6 , 2011 at 6 pm est, at the cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. the green bay packers beat the pittsburgh steelers, 31-25, to win their fourth super bowl.

super bowl xlv was played on sunday, february 6, 2011, at cowboys stadium in arlington, texas. the green bay packers defeated the pittsburgh steelers in the contest, 31-25.

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