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libraries and library history
books and literature

why don't libraries smell like bookstores ?

i assume you’re referring to the difference between the glorious mustiness of a library and the glorious plasticy newness of a bookstore. that’s probably due to the fact that as paper ages, the cellulose within it decays, letting off that sweet, sweet book smell. bookstore books haven’t had as much time to decay (unless it’s a used bookstore), leading to that different smell.

math and arithmetic

what is 10-9 ?


math and arithmetic

5 more than -8 ?


math and arithmetic

graph -3y equals -x-6 ?

it's a straight line which crosses the y-axis at y=2 and the x-axis at x=-6.

math and arithmetic

what is 72 divided by -9 ?

72 divided by -9 equals -8.

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