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  • thunderstorms and lightning
  • meteorology and weather

why doesn’t lightning travel in a straight line ?

so it’s kind of a complicated process, but here’s the two-sentence version: lightning is an electric current that takes the path of least resistance from the base of a cloud to the ground. since the air it travels through is not uniform—variations in things like temperature, humidity, and pollutants determine how resistant air is to the charge—the lightning has to zig and zag to stay on that path.
  • geometry
  • word and phrase origins

why are triangles the only polygon explicitly named for how many angles are in it instead of how many sides ?

have you asked the fighters in the octagon or the pentagon? or did someone put a "hex" on your thinking stop sign?

best i can tell, all regular polygons have the same number of sides and interior angles

  • history of the united states
  • oregon
  • washington, d.c.

what state is washington dc in ?

the district of columbia is a special case. it is not an actual state, and hence does not have senators or congressional representation. it is located between virginia and maryland on the potomac river.

it is on the potomac river between virginia and maryland and coextensive with the district of columbia. (dictionary)

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