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wedding dj or band ?

form_title=wedding dj or band form_header=12283 "please state the date the event will take place on, if known."*=_[100] did you have a band or dj in mind that you wanted to hire for your event?*= () wedding band () country band () rock band () big band/swing band () r&b/hip-hop band () jazz band () latin band () dj () blues band would you say the band or dj would have to provide their own sound system/equipment?*= {select one,yes,no,not sure} when are you looking to have the band/dj do the performance?*= [] ceremony [] cocktail hour [] reception [] other
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hire a wedding dj you won't regret ?

one of the most important aspects of a wedding is the music. concentrate on finding a dj that has an updated catalog of music you and your guests will love.

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where can you rent cheap wedding bands ?

wholesales are very affordable to purchase or rent cheap wedding bands for a wedding. walmart has them as well. they have a site called sarraf that has beautiful wedding bands and very affordable.

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when do you need wedding bands ?

i'm just guessing here but i'm gonna say ..when you get married...they are called wedding bands after all!

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should you get married with wedding bands ?

wedding bands are customary, but not required.