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what is the solution for poverty in peru ?

one of the greatest causes of poverty in peru is corruption and dishonesty. people find it hard to trust one another and so they do not invest in projects or building programs. corruption is seen through out the whole society from the president to the police man on the street asking for a bribe. if people strove for honesty and demanded it from everyone i believe poverty would slowly disappear. employees would know they would be paid, employers would trust their workers, and the money the government gave would really get to the people who needed it.

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list two differences between the capitalist and socialist ideas of private property ?

capitalism and socialism both respect private property. communism is a form of socialism where all 'means of production' are publicly owned--that is factories, farms, mines, etc. but socialism itself respects property rights.

capitalism, when it runs amuck as it has in the us, tends to see property rights as being above human rights or civil rights. because the rues are dictated by the property-rich. but putting property above people is not inherent in capitalism, usually.

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do you have rights in capitalism ?

capitalism is a form of economy, not of social order or government.

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what form of capitalism has taken hold in modern china ?

modern china is current practicing what is known as laissez-faire capitalism, although they prefer to (dishonestly) call it "communism with chinese characteristics".

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is china communism or capitalism ?


- with a brutal capitalist based market economy =(