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  • volcanoes

how are volcano's made underwater ?

same way they're made on land. the hot magma under ground pushes up through the ground to the surface to become known as lava. but in the case of under water, like off the hawaiian islands, the "surface" is the ocean bottom. so the lava belches up through the ocean bottom, cools and hardens.

after repeating that for centuries, enough lava has hardened and piled up to broach the ocean's surface. and that's called an island. in fact the whole of the hawaiian islands was formed that volcanoes popping up under the ocean and continuing to pile up until they reach the surface of the ocean and become islands. some of those islands still have active volcanoes on them.

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  • pulleys

define a double pulley ?

a double pulley is one of two types: one with a single wheel that has two grooves for two lines or one that has two wheels connected by the lines. in both types the aim is to create a mechanical advantage that multiplies the applied force into a larger force.

  • authors, poets, and playwrights

organizational effectiveness is achieved when ?

the organization is effective when it accomplishes its specified purpose by producing quality goods and services efficiently.

note: effectiveness and efficiency are not the same thing. to be effective an organization must be both efficient and produce quality goods and services according to plan.

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what's the difference between a polygon and a polyhedron ?

polyhedron is often defined as a geometric object with flat faces and straight edges polygon is traditionally a plane figure that is bounded by a closed path or circuit , composed of a finite sequence of straight line segments (i.e., by a closed polygonal chain). .