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is their any master degree in stock market ?

there is not currently one. you would need a degree in finance, accountancy or mathematics with business as a secondary.

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what is absolute liquidity ?

it is represented by cash and near cash items. it is a ratio of absolute liquid assets to current liabilities.

the absolute liquidity ratio is used to calculate what the company's net worth is. this can be done by summing the total liquid assets of a company (marketable securities, cash in bank) and then dividing the current liabilities.

this ratio is used to determine the absolute liquid position of a firm or company. absolute liquidity can also be referred to as super quick ratio or cash position ratio.

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what are the main features of pakistan's economy ?

there are many things to be imported from pakistan. some of them are:

mangoes, rice, wheat, oranges, daggers, electrical appliances, cosmetics and leather goods.

some of the things exported to pakistan are:

perfumes, footwear, machinery, mobile phones and much more in technology.

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why would employees favor low specialization over high specialization ?

the more you know, the more you're worth.

if you are involved in only one step of a fifteen-step process, you can be more easily replaced, by another human, computer, or robot.

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how many pairs of shoelaces are sold annually ?

approximately 1 billion pairs per year.