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why do many americans disrespect mexicans and other latin americans ?

we are technically all americans, since we were born in the american continent. i don’t get why many of us are being disrespected.

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spanish words different meanings in different countries ?

yes, there are different meanings for different spanish words in different countries. the same thing goes for the english language. people in the united states have a few different word meanings than people in england, australia, or other english-speaking countries.

there are many ways to say the word "cake" in spanish depending on what country. here are a few ways to say the word "cake":




the most common word for cake in spanish is torta or pastel.

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what is the history of dental sealants ?

i think you mean sealants to prevent cavities right? when i was about 13 my dentist put them on a few of my back teeth (the deeper ones which he thought were prone to cavities). i am 27 now and have a cavity in most back teeth except for the ones that have the sealants on - would highly recommend for a child - not expensive and they have lasted forever. dental sealants have been in common use for over 30 years, and they have been improved over the years. it is known that the most likely place for a child to get a cavity is in the small pits and grooves in their back teeth. that is because these small pits and grooves are extremely difficult and sometimes impossible to keep clean. a dental sealant is a plastic coating that fills in the pits and grooves before a cavity occurs without removing any tooth structure as is done when a traditional filling is placed.

while not 100% effective in preventing cavities, sealants can significantly reduce the risk of getting cavities on the back teeth, especially if the child visits their dentist frequently (twice a year) to have worn out or missing sealants replaced.

a sealant must be placed before a cavity appears in the tooth. once a cavity is diagnosed by the dentist, a traditional filling must be placed.

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what is the difference between mexicans latinos and hispanics ?

hispanics is the general term that encompasses a variety of ethnicities including mexicans and latinos. mexicans and latinos refer to the region that the hispanic individuals heritage is from, mexico or latin america.

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what are dragon and donkeys children called ?

dragon and donkeys babies from shrek are called dronkies

if that helps :)