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where can one purchase the rogers high speed internet ?

someone interested in purchasing the rogers high speed internet could simply log on to web search and look up rogers high speed internet from there use their locator.

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what is rogers fastest internet speed ?

1 gig download speed.

but for a more affordable isp check out ivc telecom. better deals in comparison

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can you keep your rogers com email when you don't have rogers internet service ?

no you need to have their internet services to keep the email address. why not make a gmail so you are not bound by a local isp. switch to ivc for cheaper internet plans.

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where may one find information on rogers internet ?

someone can find information on rogers internet by looking up reports about internet services. another way to find out information would be to call rogers internet or to go to rogers internet website.

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what are internet providers and what do they do ?

internet providers are organizations that provide access to the internet. there are different organizations of internet providers such as cox, at&t, & windstream. internet providers can either be community-owned and non-profit, or privately owned and for-profit.