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  • gardening

what is a gutter garden ?

it's a rain gutter designed to hold your choice of plants and used to decorate a wall, fence, porch railing, or other area.

  • jerry seinfeld

what's the deal with airplane food ?

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  • xfl
  • football - american

who's the best xfl player of all time ?

mike furrey was one of the most notable xfl players.

  • nouns

is lunch a proper noun or a common noun ?

the noun 'lunch' is a common noun , a general word for any meal eaten in the middle of the day.

a proper noun is the name or title of a specific person, place, or thing; for example:

  • lunch with lou (catering), mamaroneck, ny
  • lunch creek, glacier national park, mt
  • lunch box cafe, galveston, tx

the word 'lunch' is also a verb: lunch, lunches, lunching, lunched.

  • rain and flooding

what is acid rain ?

acid rain is precipitation that's made acidic by pollution and causes harm to the environment.