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pop music

"what is pop made out of"pop with another o ?

"💩 is made out of toxic waste in your stomache which comes out of your butt."

domestic dogs

what is a dog ?

the dog is an animal known in latin as canis lupus familiaris (the domesticated wolf) it is thought to be a domesticated subspecies of gray wolf . the term dog is used for domestic dogs, wild dogs and feral dogs. wild dogs are not really of the canis familiaris family. dna evidence indicates that wolfs originated about about 100,000 years ago and dogs split off from the wolf ancestors about 15,000 years ago in asia, probably in china. dogs and man migrated around the world together. almost every place inthe world that you find man you find dogs.

an aside: mankind has always prided itself on the domestication of dogs. there is some thinking that dogs may have essentially domesticated man. early wolf/dogs scavenged around primitive man's garbage middens looking for food, drove choice game towards human hunters and expressed pack docility ("rub my belly") towards their upright counterparts. humans quickly grew to accept dogs and share food with them and ultimately welcomed them into the camps. dogs proved their worth as protectors and hunting aids and were allowed to stay and share in the hunters kill. today, the symbiotic relationship between homo sapiens and canis lupus is well established and many billions of dollars are spent on pet food plants and dog toys every year. while dogs are regularly spayed or neutered to control stray populations, wild wolves are endangered due to human encroachment into their territories and our penchant for hunting them as vermin in rural regions.

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names and name meanings

what does the name braelyn mean ?

it means beautiful young warrior

math and arithmetic
length and distance

is yards bigger than feet ?


because there is 3 feet in 1 yard

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