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what is adrian_eathan2acc password its ?

none of ur buissness

windows xp

if password is the password then what is the password ?

the password is password 😂


what is denis daily roblox password ?


how to

how to get robux on roblox ?

robux can be obtained through a number of ways.

1. memberships

with a bc (builders club) membership you will receive 15 robux a day.

with a tbc (turbo builders club) membership you will receive 35 robux/day.

with a obc (outrageous builders club) membership you will receive 60 robux/day.

also, when you sign up for any of the memberships, you automatically obtain 100 robux as a signing reward.

2. buying robux

there is the option of buying robux, prices can be found on roblox website.

3. user-bought items.

if you have a membership, you can sell things like shirts, and people can buy them.

4. trading tickets

nbc (non-builders club) members get 10 tickets per day, you can trade these for robux. usually 10 tickets is around 1 robux, but it changes, and right now it floats at around 8 or 9 per robux.

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roblox or among us ?


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