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what is the difference between margin and margin ?

the difference between gross profit margin and operating profit margin is that the gross profit margin accounts for only cost of goods sold, but the operating profit margin accounts for both cost of goods sold and administration/selling expenses.

what is the proper amount to tip for customer service ?

generally speaking, most people in the united states will tell you that good service deserves a 15-20% tip. as a former server myself, i tend to give more than 20% to support my fellow industry friends as a sign of solidarity. also, i'm proud to say that when i was last waiting tables, i averaged above 25% tips, but that's because i was lucky enough to have wonderful regular customers.

truly great service can be rare, but in my opinion, there's no ceiling on what percentage of tip your server deserves. i've given out 100% tips on special occasions when the experience was extremely special and personalized.

is gold a good investment or will the price of it go down ?

well, yellow gold is not a good investment now; yes; the price has gone down and will go down more soon; because there is another precious metal in popularity today, in control of the market prices today. now people know that is new classic pure solid color white gold formula alloy's is better quality in durability; and this white gold is life time guaranty; now the 1920's the pure solid color white gold formula alloys come back today. people know they do not need yellow gold to make white gold... wake up ! yes another good investment is jade; the value is more value that yellow gold; is better to investment in jade $3000 dollar's per ounce depending of the quality's and the american dollar's is going up; because the american community is united, working together in services. for more information call 1-626-434- 5225 or see website living life enterprises presents.wix in google! sincerely... c.u.i. inc. general imports & exports in business from 1982. u.s.a. p.r. companies...

what is aba number for hsbc bank ?

a bank routing number is a nine-digit number, also called an aba routing number or routing transit number, and is used by us financial institutions to send and receive electronic transactions between banks. use our 022000020 automated clearing house (ach) routing number for transactions such as:

  1. direct deposit of your paycheck from your employer directly into your hsbc account
  2. recurring transfers or payments from your hsbc account to pay monthly bills like utilities, tuition or cable
  3. pay friends and family through popular online payment apps.

what are the disadvantages of ecommerce for customers ?

everything has some advantages and some disadvantages. here as well there are some ( actually a lot ) advantages and some disadvantages.

some of the disadvantages that i'd and some people had suffered are

  1. payment bouncing
  2. late deliveries
  3. something else delivered
  4. product quality issues
  5. etc.

but, according to the situation of covid and preferences of most of the people i think there are huge number of advantages of ecommerce if we compared it with its disadvantages.

what is the meaning of 'have you ever been bonded' ?

bonded means insured. at some time in the past have you ever been insured against the loss of a large amount of money or valuable .

who owns public companies ?

asia represents the biggest number 57%, and 37 percent of market cap. prohibit japan, china, and other progressed asian nations, the remainder of asia is home to 23 percent of the organizations, yet an insignificant 5 percent of the worldwide market cap.

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is ceo and owner mean the same thing ?

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what is an antiglycolytic agent ?

a substance that inhibits the metabolism of glucose by cells in a specimen of blood. the most common antiglycolytic agents are sodium fluoride and lithium iodoacetate. medical dictionary for the health professions and nursing.

why is money important in your life ?

the importance of money

let me start off by saying, yes, money is important. don’t believe anyone that would tell you otherwise. the importance of money cannot be understated, but it’s not everything in life.

as you will see below, there are many things that money doesn’t provide, after basic needs are met. we spend our whole lives chasing money, for what?

what do we get in return? what is the importance of money? lots of questions, let’s look at the true value of money.

the value of money


safety and security are two of our most basic needs for survival. we need to have a roof over our heads and be free from danger. money gives us the opportunity to choose where we live.

no one wants to live in an area with high levels of crime and poor living standards. if you lack money this may be your only option to put a roof over your head.

if you look at maslow’s hierarchy of needs you will see that safety is our second most important need, just after meeting our physiological needs (food/water).


the bottom line is that without money, you and your family will go hungry. money is essential in fulfilling this basic need.

it’s hard to focus your attention on what’s important in life and develop into the best version of yourself, when there is no food on the table.

food is one of our most basic needs, so this is one of the most valuable things money can provide.


money gives you options into where you live, what you do with your time, where to educate yourself and your children and so much more. when you have more options, you make better decisions.

without knowing it you make 100s of small decision every day. where to spend your time. what to spend your money on. how to occupy your time.

the decisions you choose to make are likely heavily influenced by money and your finances. it’s never a bad thing to have more options in life.


when you no longer have to exchange your time for money, you are able to take back your time and can choose to live wherever you please. that is a truly liberating thing.

imagine if you could spend more time with your family. more time traveling. being financially independent provides you with just that.

financial independence should be the goal for everyone. work towards a goal, not to continue the rat race.

peace of mind

you will sleep better at night knowing that you have some sense of financial security. when you are unable to meet your basic needs, those thoughts weigh heavily on your mind.

financial struggles are one of the leading causes of worry in our lives. if you are barely putting food on the table or putting a roof over your head, then money could bring significant peace of mind.

money isn’t everything


we wrote a whole post on why money doesn’t bring happiness, which you can read here.

the gist of the post was that money can only provide a baseline level of happiness, in which any amount over that threshold provides little return towards your overall happiness.

money helps you meet your physiological needs (food/shelter/safety), which allows you to focus on yourself, your family, self-esteem and self-actualization.


money can provide basic needs for you and your family, but the foundation of a family is not built with money. it’s built with love, affection and compassion.

you can’t buy these things; you must learn these things yourself to pass it on to your children. money can ruin families.

i’m always reminded of the lotto winners who start living lavish lifestyles after winning big and incrementally destroy all that is good in their family.


there is no amount of money that could provide you with a sense of belonging and purpose.

if belonging and purpose could just be bought, then so many of us wouldn’t feel so lost and confused going through life.

money may be part of the benefit of finding your purpose, but it isn’t the purpose in and of itself.

more money isn’t always the answer

many people are under the impression that, if they just had a little bit more money, all of life’s problems would be solved. that is simply not true. some problems would be solved but other problems would likely take their place.

as the adage goes “more money problems” but the same could be said for “no money more problems”. the truth is that money is important and does play a role in our overall happiness.

the extent to which money provides happiness is debatable but studies have shown a cap somewhere between $70k to $95k. making more money after this point provided little extra benefit towards someone’s overall happiness.

how do you calculate brass in sand ?

the word "brass" refers to a measure of quantity for loose material (like sand, metal, etc). this term is common in india.

one brass equals one hundred cubic feet volume.

calculate the volume of sand and divide by 100 cubic feet to get the number of brass units.

what accounting standards are used in fiji ?

fia is to establish accounting standards in fiji. fia adopted ifrs standards as the required standards starting 1 january 2007

the ifrs for sme standard was adopted and made effective for accounting periods beginning from 01 january 2011.

what does a uk quid equal to the us dollar ?

quid is a term used to replace the term pound and is currently equal 10 gbp $12.34 usd us dollars.

is there a refugee girl in dakar senegal asking for help ?

yes many of them contact since last 10 years on yahoo on gmail etc they have a lot of way to convince the people and cheat them they tell you we are rich if you marry us you will be rich etc many ways many many ways to convince you at the end she took all of of your money and skip

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what are the disadvantages of sponsorship ?

sponsorship can be limited or easily withdrawn – no security. a performer can become reliant on a particular sponsor, which could then pull out. some sponsorship (for example, alcohol) gives a bad image to sport. generous sponsorship is only available to the elite few.

what is the difference between fax and email ?

fax is a method of sending and receiving documents containing text using telephone lines while email is a method of sending or receiving electronic messages over the internet

• fax uses fax machines and telephone lines, scans and transmits data to be received and transferred at the receiving end to be copied as an original

• the email used in it is written on his computer screen and does not need a stamp, but just presses the send button to send the mail.

• today fax is sent over the internet just like e-mail eliminating the need for not only telephone lines, but also fax machines

what is the expansion of pbdit ?

pbdit stands for "profit before depreciation interest and taxes" how to abbreviate "profit before depreciation interest and taxes"? "profit before depreciation interest and taxes" can be abbreviated as pbdit.

why do people go into business for themselves ?

people go into business for themselves for several reasons.

  1. to make more money in addition to what they're already making

  2. to be able to quit their jobs in the near future

  3. to be able to have time for their family and loved ones

sadly, most people fail when trying to go into business for themselves either because they lack the knowledge of the right businesses to go into or because they lack a mentor. either of them, 85% of people fail when deciding to go into business for themselves.

if you want to go into business for yourself and make the kind of money that will let you quit your present job and have the life you've always dreamed about, here is my best recommendation for you. bit.l y/3wkykta . (copy and paste the link to a new tab and ignore the space between)


what do you understand by job satisfaction ?

higher productivity of the company.

irrespective of job title and pay grade, employees who report high job satisfaction tend to achieve higher productivity.

increased profits – keeping employees safe and satisfied can lead to higher sales, lower costs and a stronger bottom line.

increased motivation of employees could be achieved through satisfaction

is lg a private limited company ?

lg electronics india pvt. ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of lg electronics, south korea was established in january 1997 in india. it is one of the most formidable brands in consumer electronics, home appliances, it hardware and mobile communications space.

what is contra in stock trading ?

contra trade . ' means a trade or transaction which involves buying or selling any number of shares of the company and within 6 months trading or transacting in an opposite transaction involving sell or buy following the prior transaction.”

is 40wpm good or bad for a clerk job ?

the average typing speed is around 40 words per minute (wpm) or around 190-200 characters per minute. ... typing at an above average speed of 50-60 wpm is a good enough goal and is not difficult to achieve. the following pointers should help you type faster: find the time to master the keyboard and practice your fingers.09-sep-2015