australian shepherds

australian shepherds are first used to herd sheep. however, with their friendly and intelligent personality, the popularity of the aussies as a family pet is rising. this category has questions relating to this breedโ€™s features and temperament.

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how has christ as the good shepherd changed in galla placidia's mausoleum ?

the image of christ as the good shepherd in the mural over the door over at the mausoleum of galla placidia is young, beardless, with flowing hair, and surrounded by sheep.

where does the shih tzu rank in intelligence ?

ranks 70 on list

lowest degree of working/obedience intelligence

understanding of new commands: 80 to 100 repetitions or more.

obey first command: 25% of the time or worse.

when do australian shepherds stop growing ?

australian shepherds stop growing at about 2 years old.

do australian shepherds have a scissor bite ?

yes. the australian shepherd's teeth usually meets in a scissors bite, but it can also meet in a level bite.

what symbols are in christ as the good shepherd from galla placidia ?

unfortunately, i can't answer the specific question, but here's a link to information on the impressive mausoleum in ravenna associated with her name. i hope it's some use to you. see the related link for "basilica di san vitale" to the bottom for the answer. (you'll need to scroll down some way). the mosaic in a lunette of the entrance wall to the mausoleum of galla placidia does not contain as much symbolism as the good shepherd apse mosaic in saint' apollinaire (549). christ is still the good shepherd in the galla placidia mosaic (425-450), but a few subtle changes lead to the future portrayals of christ as king. in the lunette, jesus no longer carries a lamb on his shoulders, he sits in the center of the composition, quite regal and isolated somewhat, gaze focused outward, with a halo and is robed in gold and purple (the colors of royalty). the flock is evenly split into groups of three on each side of christ. a carefully constructed landscape suggests all we need is here, the blue sky suggests we are still on earth with the chance to join the flock.

what do you need to leave for your australian shepherd puppy while you are at school ?

if you are leaving for the day while your at school some food and some water, not too much though puppies like to drink and eat as much as they can and can over do it, a toy but not one he can hurt himself with and if you have a little bed for him to be comfortable to lay on although not necessary. don't forget to put newspaper down incase he goes to the bathroom if no one is there to take him outside. puppies tend to sleep so i'm sure while you are gone it will sleep a lot.

why are anime guys so hot ?

anime guys are so hot because they're not real. they can do anything like fly, kill, and even perform magic. also, you never see an anime hero with some kind of deformity, unless its something cool like a metallic arm. they are portrayed as perfect unlike roman mythical beings like jupiter. they are always faster, stronger, and smarter than their enemies. (which can be hot too, but only because they appeal to our darker nature.) you follow them through their transgressions until the end, so you grow a bond with them.

because everyone knows that guys in real can't possibly match up with them xd

and so, you tend to feel an attachment to all the hot guys you see. and cute ones too xd

guys are sooo hawt in anime xd ---- yes, veyr true! ^^ mangakas or anime directors want to attrak people to watch/read the show/book so they can get money and live, since it's their business. but really, there are hot guys in real world. i've seen a guy who studies in the library and he looked exactly the same as l (from death note) and yamamoto (katekyo hitman reborn). it was amazing. yes, yes, hot sexy guys are the best!!! xddd

how common is the problem of a musty smell in a 2003 alero ?

if your carpets or upholstery gets wet and takes a long time to dry then mold can grow, but it is probably a plugged drain for the air conditioning inside the car, you can clean out the hose with a coat hanger or compressed air and it should be hanging down on the passengers side firewall.

are cats smarter than dogs ?

actually both are smart. sometimes cats can be smarter than dogs, sometimes dogs can be smarter than cats. but if your dog is running into walls than yes a cat would be smarter than a dog in that situation.

is the australian shepherd smarter than the german shepherd ?

both the australian shepherd and german shepherd pose the same range in intelligence but in different special abilities. it also depends on how you train them.

what is the average price of a australian shepherd puppy ?

we paid $800 for ours. we got a male and a female-price was the same. some breeders charge less if you are going to have them for just pets, and if you want them for breeding purposes they charge more. i have seen them for up to $1200 which i think is too much. find a reputable breeder and compare.

are australian shepherds good with other pets ?

yes, they are very good around other pets as i have had many over the years. they are a herding dog similar to the border collie. they need lots of exercise to be healthy and happy. they are very good around children (also, just like borders) and will protect them, if properly raised.

how do you beat a dependency on nose spray ?

many people are "addicted" to over the counter nose spray. they work by instantly shrinking the nasal blood vessels and opening the nose to breathe. this is great, but the directions say every 12 hours to use it. as you continue to use it, it becomes less effective and the temptation to use it sooner overcomes your good sense to follow instructions. i was addicted for 5 years and had to use it every hour on the hour everyday. i had bottles in the car, in my pocket, in the night stand, extras always ready and i felt like i was suffocating without it. it was miserable. doctors can prescribe steroid sprays that can help some people wean off the over the counter stuff, but these prescription medications do not work for all people. the most reliable way to stop using nose spray is to wean off one nostril at a time. here is how it works: start using the nose spray in your right nostril only. you will be able to breath through that nostril but the left non-medicated one will congest completely within a few hours and may stay that way for days or even weeks. but once the left nostril fully withdraws from the long term effects of the spray, it will stay open on its own. at that point, stop using the spray all together. your right nostril will congest at this point because it is no longer medicated, but in a few days or weeks, it will clear up and you will be nasal spray free! don't kid yourself. this will be hard. but remember, you are not really suffocating, you are just uncomfortable. you will feel lopsided for a few weeks (because you are only breathing out of one side of your nose), but once that ends (and it will end)... you will never have to panic because you went to the movies or a restaurant and forgot your nasal spray. you will feel uncomfortable just a few weeks instead of for the rest of your life.

do australian shepherds have predators ?

dingo's could go for them if they are weak but nothing else should be a problem.

what might be wrong with your 8 week old australian shepherd if it is whining and sleeping a lot after a hot night of strenuous activity ?

a musal might be pulled,borken leg, really thirsty. but if it still whining even after you give it water, go to your local vet or animal hospital.

which is smarter border collie or an australian shepherd ?

the border collie is generally more intelligent than the australian shepherd, yet both breeds are easy to train and eager to please. according to the book the intelligence of dogs by stanley coren, the border collie was ranked as the smartest dog breed while the australian shepherd only ranked forty-second.

can an australian shepherd live in a apartment ?

it definitely can as long as there are not any rules about having pets.

how much do you feed miniature australian shephards ?

it depends on their size and age; check on the bag/can label for a guideline.

do australian shepherds shed their fur ?

yes, but not as much as other dogs. they usually have long hairs that every once and awhile you will discover fur gathering on the couch or on your clothes.