math and arithmetic

what equal to 650 ?

how do i add 650


how do penguins exchange information ?


penguin calls (vocalizations) are individually identifiable, allowing mates to recognize each other and also their chick. this is important because members of a large colony of penguins are nearly indistinguishable by sight.

research has identified differences in the calls of male and female emperor penguins. these differences probably function in courtship and mate selection.

there are three main kinds of penguin calls.

  • the contact call assists in recognition of colony members. the contact call of emperor and king penguins can be heard one kilometer (0.6 mi.) away.
  • the display call is the most complex of all the calls and is used between partners in a colony. the call must convey information on territorial, sexual, and individual recognition.
  • the threat call is the simplest and is used to defend a territory and warn other colony members of predators.


penguins communicate by vocalizing and performing physical behaviors called displays. they use many vocal and visual displays to communicate nesting territories, mating information, nest relief rituals, partner and chick recognition, and defense against intruders.


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anthropogenic activities have led to many calamities in recent times. our mother earth has responded to the situation in the way humanity has treated it. due to human activities, the scientists got compelled to create a new geological and geographical timeline named anthropocene. anthropocene referred to the last fifty years when the impact of human and human-based industrial activities on natural resources was the highest. it has started affecting our ecosystem and naturally established biomes. grasslands that have earlier been the symbol of carbon sinks are transforming into a major greenhouse gas source. the new research has revealed many more shocking data about the current situation in grasslands. in this article, we will discuss grasslands turning into primary greenhouse gas emitters.

latest development

international institute of applied system analysis (iiasa) conducted a new study on grasslands turning into primary greenhouse gas emitters. as per the data available, grasslands absorb carbon dioxide. hence, they act as a significant carbon sink. therefore, one can tap grasslands for carbon sequestration purposes. apart from this, the grazing livestock present in these grasslands distributed throughout the planet let these biomes emit methane gas into the atmosphere. during grazing, grasslands also emit nitrous oxide (n2o) gas from the soils. this emission increases when there is an introduction of chemical fertilizers and manure in the nearby ecosystem. the scientists from the institute collected data about these emissions between the period of more than 250 years, i.e., 1750 to 2012.

how did scientists complete the study?

the scientists from iiasa developed a global grassland model. this model included all the working mechanisms of plant productivity and soil organic matter. after accumulating historical data led by livestock shifts, climatic change, reduction in the number of grazers in each region, etc., they created a simulation. this simulation helped to get micro-details of the regional grasslands and their respective usage by humans in the stipulated period. hence, the scientists did quantification of the livestock overload degradation. the iiasa researchers also looked upon the other various factors that consolidated the fact of grasslands turning into primary greenhouse gas emitters, including:

forest fires

water erosion and its impact on soil carbon losses

methane gas emissions

nitrous oxide gas emissions from animal excrement

deposition of atmospheric nitrogen

inferences from the study

one of the critical data that shows about grasslands turning into greenhouse gas emitters is that methane and nitrous oxide gas emissions have increased two and a half times since 1750. it has been because of the fact that emissions during livestock grazing are more than the emissions by shrinkage of wild grazers. also, livestock grazing emissions outweighed the carbon dioxide gas absorption. hence, it consolidates the statement mentioned above. apart from this, there are observations related to other anthropogenic factors that have disturbed the ecological balance of the grasslands and letting them be tagged as intensively exploited pastures. so, the scientists have warned to expand the horizon of climate change and its mitigation policies to align more issues.

what are the conventions related to grasslands?

there are no specific or targeted conventions formed by the group of states to bring positive changes in the grasslands ecosystem. however, there are two clauses of environmental changes that can mitigate global climate changes due to grassland emissions. firstly, there is a “land degradation neutrality” by unccd (united nations convention to combat desertification). enormous grazing may lead to complete soil erosion and desertification of the vicinity that once flourished as a green area. it is a legally bound agreement that each member country has to follow. secondly, is the paris climate under unfccc (united nations framework convention on climate change) that talks about mitigation strategy for greenhouse gases.


the study results are quite shocking and need an action plan to restrict the worsening of the situation. especially the countries that have grasslands in their landscape must come forward to join hands. agricultural practices and livestock feed need complete restructuring and revamping in the vicinity of this biome. otherwise, the wastelands and peatlands will be the only source of the carbon sink in the future after complete degradation of the grassland ecology. no one would have ever wondered that one of the core and essential ecosystems of the biosphere will face such a situation. hence, building strategies and implementing them can stop grasslands turning into primary greenhouse gas emitters.

math and arithmetic

what is the verbal expression of 28-m ?

twenty-eight meters.

domestic dogs

what is the cheapest dog food ?

one dog food

math and arithmetic

how much is 66 tens and 20 tens ?



did trump get impeached ?

i meant us presidents sorry answers gliched out


what is a christian a.k.a catholic ?

a christian a.k.a catholic is a person that believes in god and listens to prophets or is a prophet that does not dis-respecd god the holy trinity the father the son and holy spirit

math and arithmetic

what is 63 divided by = 9 ?

its 7

math and arithmetic

what is 300 divided by 74 ?

the answer to the question "what is 300 divided by 74?" is 4

i extremely hope this helped.

math and arithmetic

what is -4.32 + 39.65 ?

-4.32 + 39.65 = 35.33


インターネットからお金を稼ぐにはどうすればよいですか ?

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僕のヒーローアカデミアで一番好きなキャラクターは何ですか ?




動物は車を世界の単なる別の動物と見なしていますか ?



米西戦争が米国を世界大国に変えるのにどのように役立つか ?



は、冷水が熱くなったときに現れる泡と同じ沸騰水中の泡の組成です ?



無料のギフトカードが必要な場合は、ギフトカードを入手できます ?

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テディベアハムスターの別名は何ですか ?



2つ以上の因数を持つ数は何ですか ?

2つ以上の要素を持つ数は合成数と呼ばれます。 14は合成数です。


恐竜は車を運転しましたか ?




248 + 676とは|| | 306 ?

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um 10,00

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