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what are chromosomes made of

chromosomes consist of dna (deoxyribonucleic acid) and the proteins surrounding it.

how are mitosis and meiosis similar

they both produce new cells(apex)

they both have prophase and metaphase (anaphase)

they both involve duplicating chromosomes.

they both have simular steps.

what is a gel electrophoresis chamber

during dna electrophoresis dna and restriction enzymes are inserted into the wells of a agarose gel. the agarose gel is then placed into a electrophoresis chamber along with a buffer (the buffer keeps the dna fragments soluble in water). the electrophoresis chamber has a electrical charge running through it that carries the dna fragments through the gel. because the gel is porous dna fragments can travel through it, but the varying sizes of the fragments means that some can travel farther than other--as they are all cut by the restriction enzymes at certain locations. the result is a dna stain, similar to what you would see in tv or movies. in short the electrophoresis chamber houses the gel as the current is run through it so that a dna stain can be obtained.

in pea plants what are the two alleles for color

not you

what is produced by meiosis

reproductive cells-- egg or sperm cells--or produced by meiosis.

which two dna samples are the most similar

the question itself is not clear. two cells that have just divided will have the most similar dna. if we are talking about whole organisms or individuals, then clones would have the most similar dna, similarly identical twins would have near identical dna. siblings have very similar dna but not identical of course.

what happens during interphase of a cell

organelles are manufactured.

why do the dna fragments move through the gel

d na fragment move through the gel to get toward the positive poles this is called buffer solution

roots stems and leaves are the parts of a what

roots, stems, and leaves are part of a plant.

dna samples for human dna fingerprinting can be obtained from

human blood

which of the following are shown in a karyotype

what combination of sex chromosomes is shown in the image: xy (apex)

color blindness is a sex-linked trait that is carried on the x chromosome if a boy is born color-blind what would have to be true

his mother has the gene for color-blindness.

what best describes the sex chromosomes in humans

males have two different chromosomes

how are the lysogenic and lysogenic and lytic cycles different

: during the lysogenic cycle, the cell is not killed.

do males and females have the same number of chromosomes in their sex cells

yes. in humans, there are 23 chromosomes in the sex cells of males and females.

what best describes the the law of independent assortment

the factors for each trait are separated independently when sex cells form.

why do sex-linked traits follow different patterns for inheritance than other traits

because the sex of the subjects is critical to inheritance.

which shows a correctly paired dna molecule(apex)


which is an example of incomplete dominance

(apex learning) a white cat and a black cat having grey kittens.

what does polymerase chain reaction (pcr) do

polymerase chain reaction, or pcr, is a laboratory technique used to make multiple copies of a segment of dna. pcr is very precise and can be used to amplify, or copy, a specific dna target from a mixture of dna molecules.