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what is mr rochester's first name in jane eyre

mr. rochester's first name is edward, hence his full name is edward rochester.

what is meant to sitiing backwards on a chair

it probably means to straddle a chair so that your knees or legs point behind the chair, and when you lean forward you may rest your arms on the back of the chair. whereas sitting 'forward' on a chair would mean you sit on a chair like you normally would.

what was grace poole's salary

5 times that of leah's.

how long did mrs fairfax tell jane mr rochester's guests would stay at thornfield

perhaps two or three weeks.

what do people use to describe the tone of a passage

they usually use adjectives to describe the tone of a passage.

how did jane recognize the gypsy

by a ring

what did jane notice most about mr rochester's guests


what is the tone of the gypsy's words


why did mr rochester repeatedly say the man's name and where he was from

he didn't want to believe it

how had rochester proved to himself that blanche ingram did not love him

he started a rumor that he was not as rich as people supposedly thought, and she cooled toward him.

when mr rochester entertained the fine people at the leas what did jane notice about the women

they were rude and selfish

whose communication prevents rochester and jane's wedding

mr. eyre's casual conversation with mr. mason after receiving jane's letter

in the book jane eyre which ideas perplexed jane

the idea that no person in the house seemed to question or notice grace poole's habits

who are the round characters in jane eyre

jane and rochester are the round characters in jane eyre. this is brcause of their many complex traits.

what term best describes mr rochester

mr. rochester can be stern, rude, and controlling.

what can be inferred about janes reaction to the gypsy in the passage

she is unaffected


what conclusion can be reached based on the information in the reading passage

pip always lost a+

in jane eyre how did jane recognize the gypsy

by a ring.

based on the evidence in this passage, which word best describes luther vandross

beautiful, courage