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what is an omniscient narrator

that is a voice that is written from outside the story that knows everything about the story. the word omniscient means "all-knowing." this usually implies a 3rd person point of view, but not always. first person omniscient is possible, but rather rare. some writers and critics argue that there is a distinction between 3rd person omniscient and universal omniscient, where the narrator has information that none of the characters have.

what is an example of direct characterization

direct characterization describes the character in a straightforward manner.

example : "bill was a liar and a cheat." (he's a liar and a cheat)

indirect characterization uses statements and dialogue to describe a character by providing illustrating examples.

example: "she was not looking forward to wearing a frilly dress to the dance."

(she's a tomboy)

what would be a good topic sentence for an illustration paragraph

my father jnew when it was time to stand up for his rights.
around town, jeana is known as the village songbird.

which of the following would be a good topic sentence for a process paragraph paragraph

as an amateur baker, i learned that there are four steps to flawless baking.

better example (my new jewelry box has three sections.)or my father knew when it was time to stand up for his rights.or colorado was the perfect choice for a honeymoon getaway.

what causes mathilde to leave the party in a rush

she is ashamed for people to see her shabby wrap.

which best describes mathilde's character at the beginning of the necklace

at the beginning of the necklace, mathilde is vain and frustrated.

what would best reveal a character's inner life

the character's actions and habits

what best explains what a character's inner life is

the thoughts and feelings

which question is an author most likely to ask when developing character motivation

what does my character want

which sentence is written in the second person

it took forever for you to change your mind.

why might a writer choose to write using stream of consciousness

to create an illusion of being inside the character's thoughts

how does the narrator feel about jennie

she feels that jennie also wants to discover the secret of the yellow wallpaper.

which is the best example of a complex character

a man who is usually honest but occasionally lies (apex) a.

which detail is an example of indirect characterization of mathilde

everyone asks to be introduced to her --apex

why are writers sometimes given the advice show don't tell

it is often more effective to let the reader figure out what a character is like, rather than telling the reader directly.

what type of characterization does this sentence use she took her part moreover all of a sudden with heroism

direct, tells instead of shows

which best explains why mathilde is a complex character

she seems focused on beauty and leisure but she is also capable of working hard.

what gives the best example of stream of consciousness

i said but he didn’t hear, but that’s the rain, the rain will do it every time.

which is the best explanation of omniscient narration

narration that can enter the thoughts and feelings of any character

how does the narrator act during most of the story yellow wallpaper apex

ap3x answer- she acts as though she trusts her husband