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what is a group of ants

it's a colony of ants or a nest of ants. if we say an ants' colony, or ants' nest, it's the place where they live.


what types of ants are there

driver ants, bull ants, jack jumper ants, black ants, fire ants, red ants, carpenter ants, army ants, and 8,000 more species of ants.

what is the collective noun of reflection

there is no standard collective noun for a group of reflections.

the noun 'reflection' is not a standard collective noun.

what is the collective noun for choir

the noun 'choir' is a collective noun for: a choir of singers.

what is the name given to a collection of poems

an anthology.
sylra epos divan anthology are the names for the collection of poems

what is the collective noun for crowd

the noun 'crowd' is a standard collective noun for a crowd of people , a crowd of onlookers .

what is the plural for mathematics

"mathematics" is a non-countable noun. being non-countable, it doesn't have distinct singular and plural forms.

there is nothing special about "mathematics". "milk" and "bread" are also non-countable.

is noodle countable or uncountable

the word noodle is a countable noun . the plural form is noodles.

which word is used to mean a collection of puppies

i believe that word is 'litter'.

what words can use the collective noun clump

the noun 'clump' is a standard collective noun for:

  • a clump of freshmen
  • a clump of reeds
  • a clump of trees
is battalion an abstract noun

no. a battalion is a collection of soldiers, or the physical sum of the soldiers and their equipment.

what is hercules physical description

all we know is that he was a greek man of great strength.

is casserole countable or uncountable noun

the noun casserole is a countable noun. example:

we have two casseroles, one tuna casserole and one chicken casserole.

is staff member a collective noun

no, the noun 'staff member' is a singular, common, compound, concrete noun; a word for a person.

a collective noun is a word used to group people or things taken together as one whole in a descriptive way, for example:

  • a staff of employees (staff is the collective noun)
  • a group of members (group is the collective noun)
is sheet a countable or uncountable noun

the noun sheet is a countable noun. the plural form is sheets.

is transport an uncountable or countable noun

transport is both countable and uncountable as a noun.

what are the group of sailors called

a group of sailors is a ships crew.

is the factor for a number is countable or uncountable


what is a collective noun for people listening in a theatre

the standard collective noun is: an audience of listeners

what is collective noun of mob

mob is a collective noun