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which is true of the aim occupation of wounded knee

it ended in arrests

two people died

which civil rights leader made the term black power popular

stokely carmichael

which organization used legal strategies to win rights for latinos


why did martin luther king lead marches in the north

to point out the needs of the poor (apex)

why did some americans boycott grapes in the 1960

to force growers to negotiate with workers

which of these measures did president kennedy succeed in passing

a higher minimum wage

a space program

what did the events of 1968 show about americans' views on politics

- they were deeply divided

how did the black power movement impact the fight for civil rights

it frightened some whites.

what statement about john f kennedy's actions on civil rights is true

he cautiously supported civil rights.

why did president johnson believe that it was important for the united states to win in vietnam

president johnson believed in the domino theory. he feared a communist takeover in southeast asia if the united states left vietnam.

who was the first black women to serve in congress

shirley chisholm-apex

in his speech concerning violence in selma alabama president johnson used the words we shall overcome to do what

show his support for the civil rights movement.

president johnson gained more support for social reforms after

president kennedy was assasinated.

how did the vietnam war affect johnson on poverty

vietnam took time and attention away from the war on poverty

both social security and medicare

helped older americans pay for health care -apex

the celebration of kwanzaa was meant to

honor the african tradition of harvest festivals.

by 1967 the size of antiwar protests showed that

opposition to the war was no longer radical. (apex)

what statement about the draft during the vietnam war was true

the largest draft in american history was in 1968-69.

the united states prevented an election in south vietnam because

a communist would likely win.

what was true about president johnsons attire towards vietnam

he was committed to maintaining an independent south vietnam and to achieving success in southeast asia.