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what year was japan's world war 2

japan's world war ii was during 1912 - 1945.

what describes an important outcome of the japanese attack on pearl harbor during world war 2

the united states ended its policy of isolationism. this had allowed germany and japan to expand their empires and become a greater threat to other nations.

what was a goal of the bolshevik party in russia in 1917

answer this question… to establish a communist government in russia

why did the german empire deserve to take over parts of czechoslovakia

czechoslovakia had a large ethnically german population .

which of the following world war 2 figures aligned with benito mussolini to send troops to support francisco franco in the spanish civil war

answer this question…adolf hitler

what motivated germany to sign a nonaggression agreement with the soviet union

germany wanted to ensure its military was free to invade poland. the ussr, for its part, annexed the western side of poland and the baltic countries.

which of these factors helped germany annex austria

answer this question…austrian citizens felt an increasing sense of german nationalism before world war ii.

which of the following statements accurately describes one effect world war 2 had on women's roles in both the us and great britain

answer this question… the war created opportunities for women to challenge gender norms.

which of these strategies helped both benito mussolini and adolf hitler rise to power

both leaders promised to restore national pride during a time of crisis

which statement describes a key similarity between simón bolívar and miguel hidalgo y costilla

both led rebellions against spanish colonial rule in american territories.

which action is most similar to the tactics hideki tojo advocated as a general and political leader in japan

answer this question…

a country aggressively attacks several of its neighbors to capture their resources.

what did nazi germany and imperial japan under hideki tojo had which characteristic in common

answer this question…

both promoted ideas of racial superiority.

benito mussolini sought to conquer territory in europe and africa before world war 2 in order to

answer this question…

restore italy's imperial power to the level of the roman empire.

what was the relationship between german expansion and the munich conference

answer this question… the munich conference adopted policies that tolerated german expansion

germany italy and japan formed the tripartite pact in part because they

answer this question…

shared a ruling philosophy based on aggressive territorial expansion.

which statement best summarizes the origins of world war 2

answer this question… popular outrage following world war i and made worse by the great depression empowered authoritarian leaders around the world to become more aggressive.

what was one major outcome of the invasion of poland in 1939

answer this question…

great britain and france declared war on germany.

why was appeasement an ineffective strategy for dealing with german expansion before world war 2

answer this question… german leaders would not settle for controlling only parts of the territories they wanted.

in what country does this woman most likely live

the soviet union - apex

why was appeasement a foreign policy failure to great britain and france

german leaders could not be trusted to honor agreements with other countries.