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why were poll taxes created

mainly as a way of preventing poor people- especially newly freed blacks in the south after the civil war- from voting. if you're poor and have little/no money, you're not going to want to spend that money to pay a special tax just to be able to vote.

what is a graduated income tax

like the one i the us where there are brackets of percentages of tax, that get larger as the income gets larger. a low earner pay a low percent, a higher earner a higher percent.

what sparked the beginning of the civil war

southern states seceded from the union

when abraham lincoln was elected president what was the result for the southern states

they seceded from the union

which state was the first to offer a plan for how to structure the new government


what does it mean that congress does not have the right to deny the writ of habeas corpus

( congress cannot suspend a person's right to see a judge unless it is an emergency situation. )

what was the first income tax that was passed in 1862 created to fund

the revenue act, which funded the civil war.

( the civil war )

what is the leader of the executive branch known as in england

prime minister

what plan was thought to favor larger states since representation was based on population

virginia plan

who are freedman

freedmen are former slaves.

state citizens that elect legislative representatives are referred to as what


why was king charles i found guilty of treason

he agreed to the petition of right and then ignored it.

which type of power is exercised when congress declares war on another country

enumerated power

who would elect members of the upper house in the bicameral legislation under the virginia plan

the members of the lower house

what is the overall goal of the eleventh amendment

protect the sovereignty of individual states (a+)

how many times may a person run for office in the house or representatives

there is no limit to the number of times a person may run for the house of representatives

of the following which is congress not authorized to do

favor any state over another with its laws

of the following which was true of the anti-federalists

they feared the possible abuse of power by the federal government.

what is one way the executive branch checks the power of the judicial branch

the president has the power to appoint judges.


which of the following is not a use of the federal income tax

presidential election campaigns