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how does a buffer work

it bonds with the added h+ or oh- in solution.

what happens in a neutralization reaction

an acid reacts with a base to produce a neutral solution. (apex).

what is a conjugate acid-base pair

a conjugate acid is formed when a base gains a positive hydrogen ion (h+), and thus, having the ability to lose this ion becomes a weak acid. the opposite is true when forming a conjugate base, an acid loses a h+ ion and therefore is a base, as it is able to steal ions.

why is water considered to be neutral

its [h+] and [oh-] are the same

a regular tessellation is a tessellation which uses regular polygons to cover a surface completely


what does the activation energy for a reaction represent

activation energy is the amount of energy needed to start a reaction.

what are the five basic postulates of euclidean geometry

the five basic postulates of geometry, also referred to as euclid's postulates are the following:

1.) a straight line segment can be drawn joining any two points.

2.) any straight line segment can be extended indefinitely in a straight line.

3.) given any straight line segment, a circle can be drawn having the segment as a radius and one endpoint as the center.

4.) all right angles are congruent.

5.) if two lines are drawn which intersect a third in such a way that the sum of the inner angles on one side is less than two right angles (or 180 degrees), then the two lines inevitably must intersect each other on that side if extended far enough. (this postulate is equivalent to what is known as the parallel postulate.)

what would increase the reaction rate

raising the temperature of the reactants, by increasing their surface area, by increasing the concentration of reactants, by stirring the reactants, or by adding a catalytic agent can increase reaction rates

which of the following is an example of a conjugate acid-base pair

h2s and hs-

how does the concentration of reactants affect the rate of a reaction

increasing the concentration increases the molecules' collision frequency.

what is an example of a bronsted lowry acid

any substance which can donate h+ (i.e. protons) is an acid according to bronsted lowry theory.

what would happen to the rate of a reaction with rate law rate k no2h2 if the concentration of no were doubled

the rate would be four times larger.

what does a high number on the ph scale say about the solution

that this solution is, or contains, a strong base. a base that disassociates almost 100% in said solution.

what is the rate reaction if the value of k is 0.01 a is 2 m and b is 3 m rate m a 3 b 2

.72 (mol/l)/s

which describes an ethical dilemma that drug designers could face

a new drug treats hypothyroidism but destroys the thyroid; this means that patients will be on the drug indeterminately. (apex)

under what conditions would pressure affect the reaction rate

if the reaction occurs in the gas phase

what is rate law

an equation that relates the reaction rate to the concentration of the reactants

what is the tension between walter and his wife ruth in act 1 scene 1

when ruth will not give travis 50 cents and walter hands him a dollar (apex)

what does beneatha most want mama to do with the insurance money

she wants mama to do with it as she pleases.

in notes of a native son what narrative thread links together baldwin's story about his relationship with his father

the story of race relations in harlem