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chemical equations

antacids like calcium carbonate, caco3 (tums) react with excess stomach acid: caco3(s) + 2 hcl(aq) ------> cacl2(aq) + h2o(l) + co2(g)if a 500 mg tums tablet is added to 20 ml of 0.40 m hcl, how many grams of co2 would be produced ?

the actual answer is "0.18g of co2 produced" but i got 0.22g of co2 produced which my teacher didn't like :/ any help with this confusing problem is appreciated :)
celebrity births deaths and ages

how did gilles de rais die ?

windows xp

what is girlsybasketrabbits password ?

i found out its imnotagoldiigger
improving your credit rating
credit reports
credit and debt counseling

are credit repair companies legit ?