history of europe

father of experimental science ?

galileo galilei was and is sometimes referred to as "the father of experimental science." galileo didn't take much on faith, rather, he tested his ideas through experiments and expressed them in mathematical form.


what are the advantages of foam board ?


the main advantage of using a foam board is that it is light and also strong.


how does cyclone separator work ?

the cyclone technologie forces air to spin round at very high speed, creating centrifugal force and causing the dust particles to be pulled out into the bin. it has no loss of suction because the are no bags which block up the mechanism

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fruits and vegetables

does pineapple high in uric acid ?

no pineapple is very low in purine which in turn makes it low in the production of uric acid.

literature and language
literary terminology

what are bodies of collected works called ?

depends on the type of working but it could be called a portfolio or anthology.

us in ww2

what is the science theme for 2010 ?

science & technology for life long learning


can density be calculated from an amu ?

the density of molecules in the form of a gas can be calculated via atomic mass.

pressure (pa) x volume (m**3) = mols x ideal gas constant (pav/(mol*k)) x temperature


atomic mass = g/mol

density = mass/volume










what is a psychotroph ?

psychrotroph a microorganism that can grow at low temperatures but grows optimally between 15 degrees and 20 degrees celsius. related cold, frost; freezing units of words: algid-; cheimo-, chimo-; crymo-, krymo-; cryo-, kryo-; frigo-; gel-; pago-; rhigo-

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can i use a us shaver in europe ?

yes, but you need to check the input voltage on the label of the shaver. most are 100-240v so it will accept the input ok. the other issue is the type of plug it has on it. depending whether it is a rechargeable or just plain mains-only shaver it will probably have a two pin plug. if the pins are round, they will fit into any bathroom shaver socket. if they are flat, they are designed to go into a regular wall socket, so you will need a travel plug for the country you are travelling to.

<<>> most shavers are able to use 100-240 v but they have an adjustment which must be set to the new voltage when you change country. my shaver can be switched to 110 v, 120 v , 220 v and 240 v and if it is connected to the wrong voltage it might not work and/or it might be damaged.

maple trees

why do maple trees lose their leaves ?

they lose their leaves to conserve moisture and reduce the amount of energy they must consume in order to stay alive.

literature and language

which one is correct mock exam or muck exam ?

mock exam is the correct phrase.

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medication and drugs
criminal law
veterinary medicine

can you be a vet tech with a felony for drugs in ga ?

most states will not allow a person with a felony, much less a drug felony, to be credentialed as a veterinary technician. most veterinarians will not hire someone with a drug felony either as they keep controlled substances on the premises.

meteorology and weather

how do fluids flow using the terms of low and high pressure ?

answ2. given a passage between them, fluid will flow from a region of high pressure to one of low pressure.


how can a measurement be very precise but not accurate ?

precision: how close measurements are to each other

accuracy: how close measurements are to the "true" or accepted value.

if you do 3 trials of an experiment and you get 1.00 grams, 1.01 grams, and 1.03 grams as your answers but the real value was supposed to be close to 6.79 grams, your data was precise but not accurate.


how fifth state of matter discovered ?

fyi there are only four states of matter such as solid,liquid, gas and plasma( highly charged ionized particles)


how old jhon flamsteed invented the test tubes ?

jhon, as a child, was very neurotic. it caused certain chemical out bursts in his nervous system, but, dispite his difference he had a love. a joy. a reason to keep going; that was his love for inventing. he invented the test tubes when he was with his father. his father wanted something to put his chemicals in to hold carefully and neatly, and, being an inventor, jhon's mind clicked, snapping his fingers in a smooth motion, and swallowing the barley sugar he been sucking whole, he ran inside, and sketched the tube. it was a cylinder with an opening at the top. he first created it with rubber, but then, thinking of how people would want to see into it, he made it of a palstic/glass material. old jhon flamsteed, the invented the test tubes.

literature and language
books and literature

why does literature exist ?

why does literature exist?

i would love to start by citing two antiquities that sought to unravel the birth of literature: plato and aristotle.

plato said that idea is the ultimate reality. he would say that art is bad for the reason that it takes away twice the reality of life. this is based from the theory called mimesis that art is an illusion of reality and of the truth.

aristotle deliberately defended his own beliefs and teachings as opposed to his mentor, plato. he argued that art is not an illusion of reality but rather a vector to better understand life and its meanings. an artist might imitate a table crafted by a carpenter as a product of human idea but an artist may put symbols and meanings that are absent in the real world. art is not an imitation but rather a reflection of an artist's creative idea ought to touch us and open our hearts to appreciate the real world.

now, let me give my definition of literature.

it is an art.

it is a story of every man's life.

it must be a vehicle in telling the truth.

it is life itself.

again, why does literature exist?

it exists because of us. literature can not continue its role in the world without its advocates. literature can not be opened without a rational being. it existed because of us. legends, tales, poetry and etc., it is all human initiative. consequently, literature was born in the same time humanity was born as well.

remember that we die twice. first is when the soul departs from the body and second is when the last person in the world stops mentioning or remembering our name; only by then, we will long be forever forgotten and death came to us.

taj ngilay

human anatomy and physiology
reproductive system

why is reproduction important in life ?

in order to ensure the continuity and survival of a species, organisms must reproduce.


what is the real name of quicksilver ?


atomic number 80, abbreviation hg.

units of measure
alcoholic beverages
wine and champagne

is wine heavier than water ?



what is dissecting set and its uses ?

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business & finance
bachelor of business administration (bba)
bachelor of commerce (bcom)
citation and references

what are the qualities of a good businessman ?

success in human activity depends on initiative and capacity to make decision. these changes take place frequently and if a businessman suffers from indecision he might miss business opportunities. the businessman should posse's qualities like will power and determination to succeed. he should take advice from every body but act according to his own decision. a businessman must be intelligent and alert. he must be alert to business opportunities. he must be aware of the changes taking place in the conditions of business.

a businessman should possess the quality of leadership. the success of business depends upon loyalty and cooperation of employees. the cooperation of employees depends on enthusiasm and interest about the work they are doing. another notable quality of the businessman is business morality, which means honest dealings. honesty, straight forwardness fair dealings dependability and moral character are also important qualities for success in business. today business has become so complex and competitive that it is full of danger to start a business without knowing its problems. it is through training and education that the businessman can properly understand the problems of his business and find solutions for them.

modern business is subject to fast changes. it requires a businessman to appreciate time. he must always think in terms of time. businessman must have consistent mind so as to be able to exercise firmness in his dealing with others. a businessman has to deal with many persons everyday and to take important decisions. it is necessary that the businessman must use proper skill and tact to make best use of the business opportunities.

adaptation means to adjust oneself according to the circumstances. he must possess sharp memory. a businessman should be courteous. natural aptitude inspires a person to work hard. moral character helps a person to earn power and prestige in society. a businessman should be a cheerful. good health of the businessman creates good impression about him.

electricity and magnetism

why must pylons have ceramic discs ?

pylons must have ceramic or glass insulators to support overheard lines; this prevents the pylons from becoming "live."


why does rubber float on water ?

because its density lower than water, or in simple words it is lighter than water.

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