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your dogs nose keepsbleeding it like sprays out of her nose ?

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what is special about a dogs nose print?

no two nose prints are alike a dogs nose print is like our finger print.

what does a dogs nose look like?


is a cat not healthy if its nose isn't wet?

this is false. a cats nose is not like a dogs nose. it is ok if the cats nose is not wet. it is also ok if the dogs nose is not wet all the time too. dogs and cats having wet noses all the time is a myth.

if dogs nose not wet?

if your dogs nose is not wetif your dogs nose is not wet your dog may be sick.

can steroid nose sprays affect your eyes?

no. they does not affect your eyes.

what are the side effects of decongestant nasal sprays and nose drops?

the most common side effects from decongestant nasal sprays and nose drops are sneezing and temporary burning, stinging, or dryness.

do dogs have nose prints like humans have fingerprints?

yes, dogs have nose prints that are similar to human fingerprints in that each nose print is unique. dog nose prints can be used to identify a dog, but these records are not standard.

why do dogs like vacuums?

dogs dont like vaccumes because they are very loud for them and suck their nose in when they try to sniff it!

what is the physical difference between dogs and cats?

well, for starters, dogs are generally bigger than cats. fur is very similar but dogs have snouts, like horses and cats have small noses. however, a cats nose is nothing like a humans nose. it is more like a possums nose. cars also have retractable claws, dogs just have claws. hope this helped!

how does a komodo dragon breath?

through the nose, like dogs, and cats.

are dog nose prints different for each dog?

yes, they are like a human's fingerprint. no two dogs have to same nose prints.

are dogs ears or nose more affective?


can you use dogs nose prints to identify dogs?


what don't dogs like?

dog don't like to be dressed in clothes, when you grab their nose, and when you don't feed them enough.

what is on a cat's nose when the nose is wet?

sweat, the same for dogs

is there bones in a dogs nose?


can dogs pick their nose?


can a dogs nose prints idenify dogs?

yes.yes you can identify them by the dog's nose!!pawprints aswel x

what does it mean when a dogs nose isn't wet?

when a dogs nose isn't wet it usually means it is sick , unheathy

do dogs smell with their teeth?

no. dogs smell with their nose just like everything else that has a nose. their noses are a lot more sensitive than human noses so they can pick up smells that we cant. dogs do not however have any way to smell with their teeth.

how do animals sneeze?

animals like dogs, cats, bunnies and more sneeze through their nose.

what makes dogs smell so well?

the skin around a dogs nose is thinner than the skin around a persons nose. the scent can go into the dogs nose so that they can understand what they are smelling just like a human can, but the scent can also go through the thin skin around their nose so that they can have two times as much of the scent in their nose which makes it easier for them to identify scents that are so similar or so faint that the human nose cant detect it.

do dogs have fingerprints?

=== yes dogs do have fingerprints. they are on there nose, which is wierd.===

do dogs get stuffy noses?

yes!! dogs are similar to humans. if we get a cold and give it to them they can get one just like if we have a stuffy nose we can give it to them! or vise versa they get a cold we can get it from them. it is like a chain.

why does a dogs nose change colors?

a dogs nose is not supposed to change colour. if your dogs nose has changed colour from pink to patches of black, it may be because of a type of skin cancer called squamous cell carcinoma caused by sun exposure alot like melanoma in humans. if this is the case please see your veterinarian to get it treated.