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why does a solid block sink?

a solid block of steel will sink because the buoyant force isn't the same as its weight.

why does a ship float and a solid block sink?

the surface area of a ship displaces more water than the weight of the ship. if the ship was solid steel (and not hollow) it would sink.

which will float on water a 1-kg block of wood or a 1-kg block of aluminum?

wood will. a solid block of aluminum will sink. things float when their density is less than water. there are some woods that sink.

will a block of lead sink?

a block of lead will sink in a liquid if its density is greater than that of the liquid. a block of lead would sink in water.

why do you sink in water?

the water sink is not solid and liquid

does molases sink or float?

the specific gravity of water is '1' and that of molases between 1.4 and 1.6., ...molasses being heavier would sink

if you place a solid in a liquid will ether sink?

that depends on the relative densities of the solid and the liquid. if the solid is denser than the liquid, the solid will sink. if the liquid is denser, the solid will float.

will a block of aluminum float in water?

objects denser than water will sink; objects less dense than water will float. since aluminum metal has a density of around 2.7 grams per cubic centimeter and water has a density of 1.0, a solid block of aluminum would sink.

will a block that is 4 grams sink or float?

it all depends on the density of the block

would a cube of solid silver sink or float in liquid silver?


what would you do to make it easier to pour and measure the molasses?

to make it easier to pour the molasses you can heat it up for a few degrees by putting the container under a hot water bath from the sink.

if a block of ice has the density of 0.97gcm3 how much of it will sink below the water?

97% will sink below the water

block a and block b are each in a beaker with water. why does block a sink and block b float?

maybe because block a is heavy and block b is light it depends on the weight.

does volume alone determine weather an object will float or sink?

no. density, which depends on both mass and volume, determines whether an object will float or sink. consider that a block of wood will float on water, but a block of iron of the same volume will sink.

what causes object of the same volume to sink rather than float?

a solid object in contact with a liquid in which the solid does not dissolve will sink if the density of the solid is greater than the density of the liquid and will float if the density of the solid is lower than the density of the liquid.

if you could place a piece of solid silver into a container of liquid silver would it float or sink and why?


does a lump of solid iron float?

solid iron will float in liquid mercury. in most liquids it will sink.

would a block with a mass of 23g that measures 3cm in all directions float or sink in water?

1.25 g/cm3 sink

does a wooden block sink or float?

it depends on how big or heavy the wooden block is.or the amout of liquid that is placed

why can the agar pour tubes be rinsed in the sink after the agar is transferred to the petri plate?

the ending agar is significantly diluted. if the undiluted agar is pured in sink, it will solidify and block up the sink.

what is the answer for this one if you place a solid in a liquid it would either sink or?


can you sink on jupiter?

i think you can because if it will suck you in then you will sink it's outer surface is made up of gas so you will sink but it has a solid core so you might land on something.

dependent variable on a float or sink experiment?

in a float and sink experiment, the density of the liquid is considered a dependent variable. when the density is low, the solid may sink more easily.

what is denser liquid silver or solid silver?

solid silver has a greater density than liquid silver which means that solid silver would sink.

what will happen if a solid object immersed in a fluid weighs more than the volume of the fluid displaced by the solid?

then the solid object has a greater density and will sink.