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we need this because we can found out what nutrition will we get from that food.

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q: why you need this nutrition facts label?
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what information does a nutrition facts label contain?

the nutrition facts label contains information on what nutrients are in the foods. the nutrition facts label gives the information in percentages.saturated fatingredientssodium

what is nurtrition facts?

nurtrition facts is a label that can gave you some ideas that what nutrition will you get from this food.

what information is not found on the nutrition facts label?

expiration date

which of the following is not found on the nutrition facts label?

expiration date.

does a nutrition facts label give information about cholesterol?

yes offcourse

which of the following information is not found on the nutrition facts label expiration date or servings per package or sodium levels or calories from fat?

nutrition facts box does not include an expiration date. that information is usually found elsewhere on the label.

which two minerals must be included on the nutrition facts label?

calcium and iron

label on food products that display what nutrients the food contains are called what?

nutrition facts -apex ^.^

what are four important facts found on a food label?

four important facts found on a food label are ingredients, nutrition information, allergy warnings, and the expiration date.

what is required on a nutrition label?

fat, saturated fat, calories, sodium, drug facts, serving, sugars, protein. read what is on the label.

are found on a nutrition facts label?

things found on a nutritional label are ingredients. also they have different percentages of vitamins and minerals that are in the product.

how many calories are in bite size snickers?

call the nutrition facts label on the package.

what kind of information does the nutrition facts label give about requirements for essential nutrients?


how many grams of fiber is the daily recommendation on the nutrition facts label?


what are the nutrition facts about a bowl of honey nut cheerios?

the nutirition facts vary from each size of the box. you have to check each sized box label for varaification of the nutrition. the nutrition will vary depending on the box size and how many servings you consume.

why does cereal have more nutrition facts than everything else?

because cereal is almost always consumed with milk. so, if the nutrition label takes milk into account, giving the nutritious facts both with milk and without it.

what is required on a 'nutrition facts' panel of a food label?

what is required on a nutrition facts panel of a food label will vary depending upon which country has jurisdiction. for fda-regulated products sold in the united states, search "fda" and "food labeling guide". the pdf of the guide is 132 pages. required elements depend upon several things, including the nutrition values, the size of the label, annual production and even nutrition claims. the full set of regulations can be found under "21 cfr 101".all packaged foods contain a nutrition facts label. it details the serving size of the food and the calories, fat, carbs, protein, fiber, and other nutrients contained in that serving size. it also lists ingredients.

how many slices of turkey equals 4 oz if it is sliced thin?

about 6 slices it should say in the nutrition facts on the label

what kind of foods do not require a nutrition facts label?

fresh food packaged in store/on site. anything in-store has preservatives and requires an fda label.

beer nutrition facts?

beer does not have a nutrition facts label because, like most other alcoholic beverages, it is regulated by the alcohol and tobacco tax and trade bureau (ttb), rather than the fda. unlike fda regulated foods, ttb regulated products cannot have a nutrition facts label, largely because such a label could be seen as promoting beer as "healthy", which--for better or worse--our government has decided is unacceptable. a full answer to this question, including discussion of interesting exceptions (for "lite" beer and for hard cider, in particular), is available here:

what piece of information on a nutrition facts label tells you how much of a day's worth of nutrients is in each serving?

serving size.

which piece of information on nutrition facts label tells you how many days worth of nutrients is in each serving?

serving size

how does information on a nutrition facts label help me determine the best food choices?

nutrition facts are meant to inform people of their food choices. the facts can help people decide how many calories or how much fat to consume. this helps people maintain their weight and health if they use the information.

how do you cook canned baked beans?

there's usually a cooking time on the label for both the microwave and the stovetop next to the nutrition facts.

does a nutrition facts label give information about total carbohydrates?

different countries have different regulations as to what information must be given on produce.