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q: why was the columbian exchange so one side taking place in america?
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how did the columbian exchange change religion?

as the columbian exchange was taking place, the church was in process of conquering paganism in europe. the conquistadors in the americas did not consider any course but conversion to christianity for the natives in the new world.

what was the columbian exchange and how did it work?

the columbian exchange was the name to given to a program that took place between america and the afro-eurasian hemispheres. it worked by the exchange of things such as animals, plants, ideas, communicable diseases, and even human beings.

what is the main ocean that the columbian exchange took place on?


what global transfer of food plants and animals took place during the colonization of the americas?

the columbian exchange.

what countries did the columbian exchange take place between?

the old and new worlds i.e. europe and the americas

where did chocolate travel through the columbian exchange?

no one can tell the real place but it was from the new world and went to europe, africa and asia.

what exactly is meant by columbian exchange?

what is meant by colombian exchange is exchanges that took place between europeans and native americans. some of these exchanges were good, for example foods, animals, and plants. others such as diseases were not good.

what wars are taking place today?


the triangle of trade and columbian exchange are terms used describe to the movement of goods between western europe west africa and what other place?

new world(americas)

what year did the columbian exchange take place in?

the interchange of plants, animals, and diseases between the old world and the americas followed columbus's arrival in the new world in 1492.

where is this pollution taking place?

south america, brazil

what does teotihuacan mean?

it is a nahuatl word that means "place where the gods were made".

how are breathing and cellular respirations similar?

both involve gas exchange by taking in oxygen and releasing carbon dioxide. they differ in where the process takes place. in breathing, the exchange takes place in the alveoli of the lungs; in cellular respiration, it takes place in the cells themselves.

what was going on in america during bachs lifetime?

there were many events taking place in america during bach's lifetime. the enlightenment period and the scientific revolution were taking place as well as the revolutionary war and the discoveries of sir isaac newton.

why did migrant workers come to america?

migrant workers come to america to work. migrant workers can get a salary and a place to live in exchange for their hard work.

what takes oxygen into the body and removes carbon dioxide from the body?

it is the respiratory system, with the actual exchange taking place in the lungs.

what was the columbian exchange?

the columbian exchange was a biological and cultural exchange of plants (especially potato, maize and various fruits), animals (e.g. horses), humans (via slavery) and their culture, and communicable diseases between europe (the "old world") and the americas after christopher columbus's first voyage to the caribbean in 1492.the term was coined by historian alfred crosby in 1972, although the "event" took place hundreds of years earlier. the columbian exchange is considered to have been of great benefit to the europeans who sought to spread out and conquer other lands, but it ultimately brought disaster to the native americans.the biological interactions that rethe columbian exchange, sometimes known as the grand exchange, is a term used to denote the massive exchange of agricultural goods, slave labor, communicable diseases, and ideas between the eastern and western hemispheres which occurred after the year 1492ce.the columbian exchange is the exchange of goods between europe and its colonies in north and south america.the columbian exchange was the exchange of diseases, crops, and goods between europe and the americas starting with the arrival of christopher columbus in 1492.the columbian exchange relates to the exchange of animals, technology, culture, ideas and crops.the movement of people, plants, animals, and germs across the atlantic ocean is the colombian a result of columbus's voyages to the new world, a biological pipeline between america and europe opened up that had been apart since before humans appeared on earth. the lands had drifted apart that had once been connected. some species of plants and animals flourished in both areas, and some did not. there were many new animals and plants in the americas that europeans had never seen. and, europeans brought plants and animals to the new world that america had never seen. this includes viruses and other biological organisms. the new animals brought to america upset the ecology of the area. the people living in the americas did not have resistance to many of the "germs" brought by the europeans. biologically, the indians had not been exposed to measles, smallpox, whooping cough, chicken pox, and influenza. the effect of these diseases on the americans was catastrophic. bacteria and viruses killed more native americans than did spanish swords. the indians also gave to the europeans, venereal disease. medical historians disagree on the origins of syphilis, but it was first identified by physicians in 1493, in cadiz, spain, the port which columbus returned to after his first voyage.the colombian exchange was also a cultural exchange. new agricultural developments were traded, economic activity and opportunities opened up between the new and old worlds, and new ideas were exchanged.

what ride is xflight taking place of at six flags great america?

iron wolf

where is industrialization taking place?

china korea, north west america, brazil, everywhere

why did the union place ships all around the new confederate state of america?

to stop them exporting their cotton in exchange for war-supplies.

what is the name for a person who promised to work for a certain number of years in exchange for passage to north america and a place to live?

an indentured servant

where did the world columbian exposition take place?

chicago, illinois

where is deforestation in the amazon rainforest mostly taking place?

south america because needs more houses there

what is the difference between the old world and the new world?

the old world dont have any teachnology and the new world do have a lot of teachnology

where does exchange of oxygen take place?

the exchange of oxygen takes place in the alveoli. it is found in our lungs