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q: why is pennycombequick called pennycombequick in plymouth?
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what is the major reason you call plymouth plymouth?

actually, plymouth, england is called plymouth because the city is at the mouth of the river plym, get it? and plymouth, massachusetts, is called plymouth because the original mayflower settlers traced their origins to plymouth, england.

what are the home country settlers of plymouth called?

the settlers of plymouth colony were called pilgrims.

why is the stretch of water in plymouth called plymouth sound?

plymouth sound sound=good or cool plymouth sound is good & cool!

what is the pilgrims of the plymouth colony called in england?

the pilgrims of the plymouth colocny

what was the name of the pilgrims' first settlement?

it was called plymouth colony. or somtimes new plymouth or plymouth bay colony.

what the name of the pilgrims first settlement?

it was called plymouth colony. or somtimes new plymouth or plymouth bay colony.

what was the first car in the plymouth series called?

plymouth model u in 1929.

what were the people who settled plymouth called?

they were called pilgrims.

who called for just and equal laws for plymouth?

the just and equal laws for plymouth was called for by the mayflower compact. it was written and signed in 1820.

is new plymouth located in massachusetts?

there is a town called plymouth, in massachusetts, but no new plymouth.there is a new plymouth in idaho, and another in ohiothere is also a new plymouth in new zealand

did plymouth make a 440 panther pink cuda?

on a plymouth it is called moulin rouge instead.

plymouth is at what present day state?

plymouth is located in massachusetts. the town is still called plymouth today and was the site of the colony founded by passengers on the mayflower.

the colony the pilgrims settled in was called?


what was captain kidds ship called?


the pilgrims first settlement was called?


what are settlers in the plymouth colony called?

the pilgrams

did rupert davies make a film in plymouth called the uncle in the sixties?

yes, he did. 1965. it was filmed largely on location in plymouth.

was the first settlement called ply mount?


the called for just and equal laws for plymouth?


what called for just and equal laws for plymouth?


who called for equal laws in plymouth?

mayflower compact

where do the pilgrims decide to start their new settlement?

the pilgrims decided to make their settlement in the town we now know as plymouth, massachusetts. back then, it was called plymouth colony or sometimes, new plymouth.

why is the plymouth hoe called the hoe?

it could be because the word hoe is derived from anglo saxon meaning high position, which is what plymouth hoe is.

where was the plymouth colony?

the plymouth colony was located on the atlantic coast just north of cape cod, in what is now called plymouth, massachusetts. it was later combined with the massachusetts bay colony, centered near boston, massachusetts, to form the colony of massachusetts bay and plymouth plantation.

how many pieces was the plymouth rock?

throughout the years many pieces have broken off and since been removed. the first break was when it was loaded on a carriage. i believe that is why it has always been called plymouth rock and not plymouth rocks.

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