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sherryann mcbean
answered 2021-03-04 14:05:08

because it can get soaked an loose up.

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sakina shaniah klass

2021-03-12 21:35:59


your answer


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materials for making cardboard egg crates?

i suggest the use of cardboard to make cardboard egg crates.

why is cardboard a good insulator?

yes cardboard is a good insulator, it is good becausethe cardboard restricts air flow and holds the air in and air is an insulator. the cardboard holds air between the layers.

is cardboard good for making paper rockets?

i would say yes, because cardboard material is sturdy enough to hold the rocket in shape and it is flexible enough to curve into a cylindrical shape.

making things out of recycled things?

if you're thinking of doing so, i'd use cardboard for a good example.

is cardboard good for the environment?

it is only if you buy recycled cardboard.

is cardboard a good insulator or a good conductor?

cardboard is a good insulator because it does not allow electrical current to travel through it.

what is a good substitute for an umbrella in a old popular song?

a smile, is the substitute for an umbrella. the song is "let a smile be your umbrella".

what would be appropriate for making the cell membrane in a cell model?

a good item for a cell membrane would be a thin plastic or cardboard

how do you build an energy saving house using cardboard?

the key is making sure the cardboard house experiment is well insulated. do this by painting the inside of the house flat black, and making sure the windows you cut into the cardboard are clear and facing the sun.

what rhymes with umbrella and means good?

good fella?

how many trees are used when making cardboard?

50 trees

what are the ingredients used in making the cereal boxes?

the ingredient is cardboard

what is the definition of cardboard?

a pasteboard form for making boxes etc.

what are benefits of patio umbrella parts?

patio umbrella parts can replace old parts of a patio umbrella, making a old umbrella work just like new for less than half the price of buying a new one.

is cardboard a good conductor of electricity?


how do you get the umbrella hat on club penguin?

the umbrella hat is currently unavailable. it was last available at the water party 2007, making it quite rare

materials in making cogon grass as cardboard food packaging?


why is cardboard good for packaging?

cardboard is good for packaging because it is biodegradable as well as recyclable. it is also less expensive compared to other packaging materials.

where can i get an umbrella stand?

you can find an umbrella base and umbrella for your patio at wal-mart. they have many to choose from in different styles and you most likely fine one for a good price.

is cardboard a good conductor of heat?

yes it is a good conductor of heat

where can i get a good umbrella? is a link to a very good, cheap, affordable patio umbrella. it is 10 ft. tall and fits most patio tables with a patio umbrella hole.

do you want to come shopping for umbrella covers?

i don't really want to come see umbrella covers, but i could recommend a few good companies that make good ones. a great site is has cheap umbrella covers

did rihanna sing umbrella or did good girl gone bad sing it?

rihanna sings umbrella, and the title of her album is good girl gone bad. you probably got that confused because you heard jay z say good girl gone bad in the umbrella remix.

is an outdoor umbrella durable?

when it comes to durability of the outdoor umbrella, it depends on the brand. if you bought the cheapest umbrella i m sure it is not as durable as the expensive one. but you can also get good deal.

how do you make a cardboard house?

here's a good link!