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why is cardboard good for packaging ?

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answered 2014-08-21 19:16:04

cardboard is good for packaging because it is biodegradable as well as recyclable. it is also less expensive compared to other packaging materials.

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disadvantages of using cardboard for packaging?

cardboard can get gross bugs in it

where is cardboard packaging manufactured in the united states?

cardboard packaging is manufactured at many places in the united states including wh skinner. wh skinner is located in chart sutton, maidstone. they have many other services available besides cardboard packaging.

why is cardboard used for packaging?

cardboard is used for packaging because it is recyclable, affordable & easy to get hold of. also, it is handy for stacking products to prevent damage to products.

cogon grass cardboard food packaging?


when buying shoes are the packaging too much?

the packaging is always too much, but at least if it is cardboard, it is recyclable.

what is cardboard recycled into?

its turned into other cereal boxes and packaging

how do you make cardboard food packaging from cogon grass?

ako budoy :)

what are juice boxe packaging made of?

a mixture of plastic, cardboard and alluminum.

materials in making cogon grass as cardboard food packaging?


what are the different types of packaging?

· cans · glass · cardboard · plastic containers · plastic bag

what is the best type of packaging for pizzas?

it is probably cardboard as it traps heat and does not collect condesation.

a flat pack refers to the packaging. this is a flat cardboard envelope rather than a retail box. yes this will protect your laptop.?

a flat pack refers to the packaging. this is a flat cardboard envelope rather than a retail box. yes this will protect your laptop.

types of packaging in apparel industry?

different types of packaging are used in the apparel industry that include cardboard cartons. packaging means wrapping clothing for shipping in some type of wrapper or container. paper and plastic bags are used as packaging for clothing.

why do supermarkets have recycling skips?

to recycle the packaging that comes with bulk buying. e.g. cardboard boxes

where is perfume packaging is designed?

its produced from a specific cardboard company, with the perfume,s logo printed on.

what are the types of packaging?

there are different kind of packaging types and material available in the market. but the main thing to be considered is what kind of product is that which you want to pack. there are metal, brick carton, and glass, plastic, cardboard and corrugated packaging materials available in the market. the most important element is to know what suitable material for your concerned product is. like plastic bottle packaging is good for liquid stuff.

why is cardboard a good insulator?

yes cardboard is a good insulator, it is good becausethe cardboard restricts air flow and holds the air in and air is an insulator. the cardboard holds air between the layers.

what is packaging made from?

with the passage of time and innovation in packaging industry there are different options to make packaging. some time it depends on the requirement of the product that decides the material for packaging. the most common packaging is being made with paper, cardboard and plastic. but, now the edible food packaging is also gaining importance in the market and scientists are working on this side too.

is cardboard good for the environment?

it is only if you buy recycled cardboard.

what can be made from paper?

the most common thing paper is made into is labeling packaging cardboard, plastic, and other materials.

is cardboard a good insulator or a good conductor?

cardboard is a good insulator because it does not allow electrical current to travel through it.

what 3 types of packaging materials used to packade cakes?

plastic containers cardboard boxes foil wrap/plastic that fondant icing is found in before being placed in a cardboard box!

what does packaging mean?

packaging is what a product would be wrapped or boxed in for sales. a package may be as simple as paper with logo, such as soap or much more complex such as a cd players packaging with a cardboard insert surrounded by tear proof plastic. packaging is the material surrounding the product presented in a retail location or when sold as new.

what is a crash lock base?

a crash lock base is a type of pop up cardboard packaging or box which is easy to assemble.

what is offered by the box store website?

the box store is a site that provides cardboard removal boxes and house removal packaging. the company which is family owned also provides archive boxes and supplies for the packaging.