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who was the first to visit baby jesus?

the wise men (shepherds)

what are the adaptations of an mini australian shepherd?

this is a heated topic among the breeders of australian shepherds. first, it should be clarified that there is not a "standard" size australian shepherd. there are australian shepherds, miniature australian shepherds and even toy australian shepherds. since you did not ask about the toy version, i will limit my response to australian shepherds and miniature australian shepherds. the australian shepherd breed standards (akc and asca) do not have size restrictions but rather suggested ideals of between 18" -23". a dog smaller or larger than those stated sizes is still acceptable if it is structurally sound and capable of performing the work asked of it. those who oppose the promotion of miniatures feel that breeding a smaller size is unnecessary when a smaller dog can be found among the general population. they are concerned that the act of breeding selectively for size comes at the possible expense of health and structure. the final concern is that by breeding smaller dogs, the mini breeders are targeting urban pet owners who have little space (small yards, apartment dwellers) and misrepresenting the true nature of a herding dog. the miniature australian shepherds are still active dogs and although they may be physically smaller, they do require as much exercise and training as their larger counterparts. this breed still requires as much exercise, training and grooming care as an austrlian shepherd who is 23" tall. the mini breeders started breeding for smaller size over twenty years ago using australian shepherds as their basis. there are various stories as to why they opted to go in this direction, some hold water and some don't. regardless of anyone's opinion, the debate over mini's vs aussies comes down to one thing: freedom of choice. they have the same right to pursue a goal as the next person. these breeders made a choice and have followed through by producing a style of dog that consistently meets a standard they developed.

when do german shepherds start first menstrual cycle?

when do german shepherds start their first menstrual cycle

are there rottweilers australian shepherds and collies in nintendogs?

no but i wish there were, i love rotties! if you want to find out just ook in the first few pages of your nintendogs book that came with your game

who were the shepherds who came to worship jesus first?

the shepherds who came to see jesus were ordinary shepherds they did the lowest job and they did not have their names mentioned.

who visited baby jesus first?

the first people that visited jesus as a baby were the shepherds. the shepherds were visited by an angel and were told about jesus' birth.

who went to watch the first nativity play?

it was the shepherds.

who was the first person who visited jesus?

it was one of the shepherds.

why did the shepherds come and worship jesus first?

they were close by .

who were the holy families first visitors in the new testament?

the first visitor were the shepherds.

who visited jesus first?

after jesus' birth in bethlehem, the shepherds were the first to visit him, according to the new testament. the angels announced the birth to the shepherds, who then went to see jesus in the manger.

who is the first australian olympian?

=the first australian olympian was edwin flack.=

when was the first time christmas was celebrate?

the first christmas was celebrated by the shepherds and the wise men.

who was the first to hear the good news of jesus' birth?

the bible doesn't specifically say who, but the first reported people to know of it were the shepherds in the nearby fields. not having been recorded in scripture who was first other than the shepherds. it is most likely that the wise men who came to see the christ heard of his birth before the shepherds. the shepherds lived nearby, while the wise men had some distance to travel.

are german shepherds really from germany?

yes there are they where first breed in germany.

where was the first australian banknote made?

the first australian bank notes were printed in england.

who was the first australian governor general?

the first australian governor general was sir charles fitzroy.

who was the first australian to take 400 wickets?

who was the first australian to take 400 test wickets

first australian of the year 1960?

the first australian of the year in 1960 went to sir macfarlane.

when was first australian imperial force created?

first australian imperial force was created in 1914.

when did first australian imperial force end?

first australian imperial force ended in 1921.

who was the first australian pope?

there has never been an australian pope.

when can you first save on your sims for wii?

there arent no sims there are miis

who first received the news of the birth of christ?

it was the shepherds who first got the word of jesus birth from angels.

when were german shepherds first used as police dogs?

after world war ii