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for an insulator, it is important because it prevents people from getting an electrical shock from touching a bare wire. for a conductor, it is because they are needed to transfer electricity and the world revolves around electricity. for example, the device you use to see this answer requires electricity to work.

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q: why are insulators and conductors important?
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why is insulators and conductors important?

because it protects you

what is more important insulators or conductors?

both are equally important. insulators keep the electricity from going where it is not wanted while conductors take electricity where it is wanted.

are humans conductors or insulators?

humans are not insulators, but are conductors!

are insulators dull brittle and poor conductors?

insulators are conductors

why are conductors and insulators important?

because they protect you when grounding an object.

what are conductors insulators and semi conductors and super conductors?


are electrical conductors and insulators equally important for electricity?

yes. you need both conductors and insulators to work with electricity. conductors such as wires provide a path for electricity to move where it is needed and insulators prevent electricity from dissipating, from being where it is not supposed to be and where it can cause harm and damage.

observation about conductors and insulators?

conductors conduct electricity. insulators do not conduct any electricity. most metals are conductors.

heat conductors and insulators?

conductors are good conductors of heat ...where as insulators are bad conductors of heat......this condition also applies in the case of electricity ....

explain the difference between conductors semiconductors and insulators?

metals are good conductors of electricity. insulators are bad conductors of electricity. similarly, semiconductor devices are partial conductors of electricity means their conductivity lies between conductors and insulators.

how does resistivity of semi conductors compare with those of conductors and insulators?

the resistivity of semiconductors lies between those of conductors and insulators

what is the opposite of insulators?

the opposite of insulators is conductors

are marshmallows insulators or conductors?

they are insulators

examples of insulators and conductors?

insulators: wood, plastic conductors: copper, gold

what are the insulators and conductors in a torch?

insulators are rubber or plastic but i don't know about conductors! sorry, hope it was helpful

what is more important conductors or insulators?

conductors and insulators. in a conductor, electric current can flow freely, in an insulator it cannot. metals such as copper typify conductors, while most non-metallic solids are said to be good insulators, having extremely high resistance to the flow of charge through them.

what are the properties of conductors and insulators?

insulators can shield electricity, while conductors help it move. insulators contain no free electrons to allow the flow of electricity.

do insulators have a lower resistance then conductors?

no. insulators have higher resistance (lower conductance, 1 / resistance) than conductors.

are train tracks conductors or insulators?

the rails are good conductors the wooden ties they rest on are insulators

which has a higher resistance insulators or conductors?

insulators will have a higher resistance.

poor conductors are called?


are straws good conductors or insulators?

they are moderately good insulators.

are insulators good conductor of heat?

insulators are the complete opposite of conductors. insulators insulate the heat, but conductors let it pass straight through.

are metals good insulators or conductors?

metals are good conductors!

are pennies insulators or conductors?

they are conductors, not much for insulation though.

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