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why do we do peee ?

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what are 5 examples of liquid?

no its peee peee

who made sure that the minuteman were ready?

peee peee

when you peee do you lose weight?


what is the small tubular structure that drains urine from the bladder?

your urine hole.. also called urethra peee peee

what kind of camouflage does a sperm whale have?

the peee

what do you do while waiting for new years?


what are the elements found in leafs?

pee peee

why baby dumpling water?

they need to peee

what are the three most demanding aspects of being a plumber?

you have to look at poo in pipes and then you have to get it out and i hated it so i quit frozen pipes and peee peee popsicles

what characteristis do algae share with plants?

they share peee

how loang can you peee?

usually 54 to 99 minutes. minimum.

how do you say boo boo in spanish?

poo peee poo plop

name 1 prop for martin luther king jr?


what are two clues for where to look for fossils?

two ways are peee and nothing

when was aloe vera found?

it came from the man aloe and his secret ingrediieents peee

what sets of numbers are greater than or equal to 18?

pee peee ;) <3

what were the rough riders trying to do tell me the real answer?

peee on a tree on sundays and mondays

how do you put the berries on the floor on bin weevils?

you cry and cry then you go to the toilet and peee

how much do school counselors get paid in texas?

this varies by school.

hou does light travel?

it is the pee from the sun and it likes to peee orangey colours from assinibioa 7th ave. school

which spy informed confederate generals of union army movements in the shenandoah valley?

agent peee <3

how much money do police officers earn in the uk?

i think its about 2,000 powends8 and de am chocolate chip cookie from morrisons for 29 peee

what did the quartering do?

quartering is cacca in a room full of peee ur face turns into caca when u enter it and the it makes ur but go wild

what is a urine test?

when u peee a urine test is a test which they used to determine if the person is sick. they use urine to be tested because it determines what is wrong with the insides of your body.

what was newfoundlands first game brought over and when?

shooters pooping was first brought over to newfoundland and in 1309 by a man named pare'luffieg'emccorbi vioge. who made the game which is to take a bag and put it under the sewer and take it with the handkerchiff and wipe your noise till it bleeds then put the blood in the bag and the next person would poop in it and then dump it onto the next person and shuve it into there mouth then when they puck the eat them by hating them and the weather will be 30degrees then you poop and peee then you blood then go to youtube and type in i am a poopers channel in my frea poop index....