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whom did hera get to guard lo?

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q: whom did hera get to guard lo ?
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what area of life did hera guard?


what did hera do after hercules completed his 12 labors?

hera decided to send out her guard aros to hunt him down and kill him

who was a jealous wife that turned her lovers cow into a 100 eyed monster?

hera. she was jealous of zeus when he was having an affair. when zeus found out that hera was coming to earth he quickly changed the girl to a cow. hera suspicious of the cow sent her guard the hundred eyed to watch the cow. hermes sent by zeus to rescue the girl, bored argus ( the guard ) to death. hera pitied her loyal guard and turned him into a peacock.

whom is zeus' wife?

hera is his wife but also his sister.

who was bored to death by hermes messenger of the gods?

argus, he had many eyes and was a guard for hera

information about zeus' wife named lo?

zeus's wife is not named lo her name is hera. if this helps she is the protector of married women and their households. she is known to be a jealous goddess .

who is io's guardian in greek mythology?

when io had been turned into a cow, hera put argus to guard her.

who is the greek goddess who caused trouble for hercules?

hera, zeus's wife, whom was the father of hercules by a affair.

which sister did zeus have a child with?

hera who had ares, eris, hebe, eileithyia, hephaestus, and typhon. demeter with whom he had persephone.

the woman who zeus turned into a white cow to hide from hera?

she was the water nymph io, after whom the ionean sea is named.

where did they send hephaestus?

whom is "they"; i assure you that hephaestus did not go where he did not wish to, save when he was thrown from olympus twice once by hera and then zeus

why did zeus mary his sister hera?

zeus wanted to marry hera but hera was not interested. one stormy night, zeus transformed into a cuckoo bird and, seeming helpless in the rain and wind, hera wrapped the bird (zeus) up in her arms. zeus saw his chance and transformed back to himself and when hera was caught off guard, he raped her. hera wanted to keep it a secret but when she became pregnant and couldn't explain herself, she told all the other gods her and zeus were together.

why was the peacock hera's most sacred bird?

for his service to hera, the hundred eyed giant argos panoptes whom hermes slayed to rescue io; hera put his eyes upon the tail of her sacred bird, the peacock.

the woman zeus changed into a cow to hide from hera?

her name was io.she was the water nymph io, after whom the ionean sea is named.

why did hera always wear peacock feathers?

hera was mad at zeus for having an affair with io so to protect her zeus turned the girl into a cow so hera asked zeus to give her the cow so he did . then she ordered argus panoptes her guard to watch after the cow since he had hundreds of eyes he was a great guard. zeus after ordered hermes to rescue her so he went to argus, told him a very boring story to lull all of his pairs of eyes to asleep, then killed him. in reverence, hera placed his many eyes on the tail plumage of her favorite bird, the peacock.

did hera go by any other names?

>hera had many epithets and titles, including:queen of heavenqueen of the immortalshera aegophagus (goat-eater)hera akraia (of the height)hera alexandros (defender of men)hera ammo'niahera antheia (flowery)hera aphrodite (of aphrodite)hera argeia (of argos)hera argoia (of the ship argo)hera ataurote (unbulled, i.e., virgin)hera basileia (queen)hera boopis (cow-eyed)hera bounaia (from a temple set up by bounos)hera chera (widow)hera gamelia (of marriage)hera heniokhe (charioteer)hera hippia (of the horses)hera hyperkheiria (she whose hand is above)hera imbrasia (from the river imbrasus)hera krusothronos (golden-throned)hera kypra (of cupra)hera lakinia (of lakinios)hera nympheuomene (betrothed bride)hera olympia (of olympia)hera pais (girl)hera parthenia (maiden)hera pelasgishera pharygaea (of pharygaia)hera prodromia (of the pioneer)hera samia (of samos)hera sikelia (of sicily)hera telchiniahera teleia (full-grown)hera zygia (yoked, i.e., married)source:

what does the goddess hera repsesent?

hera is the goddess of marriage and commitment. she is also the goddess of peacocks because after argus her body guard got bored to death by heapesthus. argus was the guy with eyes all over him,. hera took his eyes off and put them on peacock feathers and that's why there is an eye looking thing at the top of their feathers.

what 'is hera called in rome?

hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.hera is called juno in latin.

who is zeus' spouse?

in most traditions he is said to be married to hera but, at the oracle of dodona, his consort is said to be dione, to whom he is alleged to have fathered aphrodite.

who are the demigods of leo?

leo is what the constellation of the lion is called; it was once the nemean lion whom heracles defeated and hera put into the stars. it had no offspring, demigod or not.

what is 'hera' in greek writing?

hera in greek is 'ηρα.

what god or goddess was a servent of here commemoratedby the spots on a peacock tail?

argus. he was a guard for hera and when he had eyes on every part of his boyd. when he died she put them on a peacock

who was megara?

wife of heracles with whom he had several children he later murdered during hera-induced insanity. because of this he had to complete twelve famous labours for his cousin.

what does the name 'hera' mean?

the name 'hera' means protectress.

is hera realeted to athena and how?

athena is the niece of hera; zeus is the brother of hera.