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malengi. you find him in a cheat code… and hes awesome. if you dont have the code, well, thats awful

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q: who is princess rosalinas husband ?
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what is the name of princess anne's 2nd husband?

princess anne's second husband is timothy laurence

who is rosalinas boyfriend?

rosalina is married to kingboo

who is princess peachs cousin?

well her sister and brother are toadete and toad. also i think her husband is mario. and princess daisy's husband is luigi. but the truth is princess peach's cousin is princess rosalina. and her bff is princess daisy.

who is princess anne's husband?

princess anne has had two husbands. her first one was mark, they divorced. her second husband is timothy.

what happens if the princess' husband dies?

the princess' son will be the prince.

what do you call the husband of a princess?

a prince

what is rosalinas name on the naked brothers band?

allie dimeco

what actors and actresses appeared in rosalinas haus - 1993?

the cast of rosalinas haus - 1993 includes: rosalina de medeiros regina fritsch erika pluhar peter wolfsberger

what is the major event in the princess diaries?

princess mia finding a husband and getting married.

who was rajput princess jodhabais husband?

the mogul emperor, akbar was jodha bai's husband.

why did princess diana seprate?

prince charles (her husband) was cheating on her, so princess di left him.

is princess anne still married?

princess anne is married to her second husband, timothy laurence.

who is wonderwomans husband?

the amazonian princess has never married.

has princess njideka okeke divorced her husband?


who is princess dianna's husband in the shriek movies?


who is princess peach's husband?

she doesn't have one... she is a princess. if she was married she would be a queen... but i do think mario is the closest to her.

who was princess diana's second husband?

it was dodi al fayed

what is princess dianas husband name?

charles, prince of wales

did princess dina like someone else?

no she loved her husband

where does princess zara phillips live?

princess zara phillips lives with her husband mike tindall in gloucestershire, england.

what is rosalinas real name form the naked brothers band?

her name is allie dimeco

why did princess njideka okeke divorce her husband?

i hard that his husband is gay.that was reason know are know long together.

why does marrying prince of wales carry title of princess?

because if you marry a prince you become a princess because your husband is a prince

who went to collect princess diana's body?

her sisters and ex-husband

is caroline of monaco divorced from her husband?

princess caroline of monaco is currently married to her third husband, prince ernst august of hanover.