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q: who first discusses quantum yield?
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what compound between phenolphthalein and fluorescein are expected to have the greater quantum yield of fluorescence?

phenolphthalein will have a greater quantum yield because dissolved oxygen can reduce the fluorescence intensity

how can a plant maximize its quantum yield?

because we base on ratio and fomudal

define quantum yield of a foto chemical reaction?

in photochemical reaction we have photons that passed to the surface starting photochemical reaction - producing some electrons. quantum yield=produced electrons/passed photons.

what is the first quantum number?

the first quantum number is n. the first three quantum numbers are n, l, and ml. the fourth quantum number is ms.

when was first quantum minerals created?

first quantum minerals was created in 1996.

what is the population of first quantum minerals?

first quantum minerals's population is 1,800.

which article lays out the ideas for the legislative branch of the government?

the first article of the constitution for the united states discusses the legislative branch. the second discusses the executive branch, and the third discusses the judiciary.

how do i calculate a crude yield?

you must first calculate the theoretical yield of your product using the balanced equation. the crude yield is divided by the theoretical yield and multiplied by 100.

what do quantum numbers describe?

n is the first quantum number. it is the principle quantum number. it refers to what energy level it is and will be one greater than the number of nodes in the orbital. l is the second quantum number. it is the angular momentum quantum number and refers to the shape of the orbital. ml is the third quantum number. it is the magnetic quantum number and it refers to the orientation of the orbital. ms is the fourth quantum number. it is the spin quantum number and refers to the magnetic character of the orbital.

when you yield the right-of-way to another driver it means you go first?

no. if you yield the right of way to another driver, the other driver goes first.

what is the first quantum number of a 1s2 electron in phosphorus?

the first quantum number (n) represents the energy level (shell), so for a 1s2 electron, it would have a value of 1.

what quantum number is a whole number?

the first three quantum numbers (principle, angular momentum, magnetic) are all whole numbers. the last quantum number (spin) is either â½ or -â½.

what is the symbol for first trust high yield long short etf in nasdaq?

the symbol for first trust high yield long/short etf in nasdaq is: hyls.

what is quantum technology?

quantum applied science is a young discipline of physics and technology, which transitions, some of the stranger characteristics of quantum mechanics, especially quantum entanglement and most recently quantum tunneling, into virtual applications such as quantum computing, quantum coding, quantum simulation, quantum metrology, quantum sensing, and quantum imaging.

what part of the constitution discusses why it was written?

the preamble of the us constitution discusses why it was written.

what is the first and latest james bond movies?

quantum of solace

the principal quantum number of the first d subshell is?


what is the first quantum number of a 2s2 electron in phosphorus 1s22p63s23p3?


why the mild steel have two yield points?

low carbon steels suffer from yield-point runout where the material has two yield points. the first yield point (or upper yield point) is higher than the second and the yield drops dramatically after the upper yield point. if a low carbon steel is only stressed to some point between the upper and lower yield point then the surface may develop lã¼der bands.

why do principle quantum number starts from k?

because the scientist who discovered quantum number his first letter of name is k.the name of scientist i am missing.

what quantum number describes the most probable distance from the nucleus that an electron resides?

the answer your teacher is probably looking for is the first one ... the principal quantum number.

what is law of quantum energy and quantum mass?

in the universe energy, matter and go as per quantum. energy is released in quantum of photon. electron has a quantum mass. proton has quantum mass. both has a quantum charge. neutron has a quantum mass. speed of light is a quantum. big bang is a quantum event essentially occurring at particular mass. it takes a quantum energy for shifting of electrons from one shell to other. in photo-luminescence light energy is released in quantum.

always others who are already in the intersection?

no. sometimes you are the first - unless you always jump the lights.

the first yield sign was installed and in what city?

tulsa oklahoma

what is the fundamental assumption behind quantum mechanics who first proposed it?


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