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what is selective media?

selective media, is made up of certain nutrients that can either inhibit or enhance the growth of certain bacteria and or fungus. this is why they call it selective media, it is generally only selective for one kind of bacteria or does certain things when that bacteria or fungus is present.

how do you isolate the bacteria from mixed culture which contains fungus?

carefully pick up a small colony of bacteria from the plate with an inoculation loop and streak out a fresh medium containing plate

what bacteria-killing fungus did fleming isolate in his 1928 experiment?


is penicillin a bacteria or a fungus?


is yogurt a bacteria or a fungus?


which microbe is smaller - bacteria viruses or fungus?

virus is the smallest, then bacteria and then fungus is the largest

is tetanus a virus or bacteria or fungus?


impetigo virus bacteria fungus?


is mold a fungus or bacteria?

mold is a fungus. spores are not created by bacteria and mold gives of spores to procreate.

which is smaller virus yeast bacteria fungus?

virus are smallest in size than bacteria, fungus and yeast.

how are fungus cells difforent from bacteria cells?

fungus cells are eukariyotic cells. bacteria have prokariyotic cells

is yeast a good bacteria?

yeast is a fungus, not a bacteria

the fungus provides the algae or autotrophic bacteria with?


why is bacteria not a fungus?

because bacteria lack a nucleus.

what did alexandra fleming discover and how?

his name was alexander, not alexandra . . . he accidentally discovered that a type of fungus would kill bacteria when he accidentally got a bit of bread mold on a culture dish that had a good growth of bacteria on it. the mold killed the bacteria! when this type of fungus was refined, it became the active ingredient of the antibiotic, "penicillin".

is bacteria a kind of fungus?


is moss a bacteria or fungus?

moss is a bryophyte, and is thus neither a bacteria or a fungus, but a rather primitive form of plant.

what fungus produces a substance that can kill bacteria?

one fungus that produces an antibiotic and will kill some bacteria is penicillium.

what kind of fungus is staphylococcus aureus?

staphylococcus aureus is a bacteria, not a fungus.

is potato blight a bacteria fungus or virus?

potato blight is a fungus.

what is a skin culture?

a skin culture is a test that is done to identify the microorganism (bacteria, fungus, or virus) causing a skin infection and to determine the antibiotic or other treatment that will effectively treat the infection.

what bacteroa-killing fungus did fleming isolate in his 1928 experiment?


what cause fungus to grow?

fungus grows when it has nutrients and water and air. it is not a bacteria.

is athletes foot a bacteria?

no, a fungus.

what is a fungus that kills strep throat bacteria?

name of that fungus is penicillium notatum. sir alexander fleming discovered the antibacterial property of this fungus in 1928. penicillin is extracted from this fungus, which kills the strep throat causing bacteria.