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since there is no biggest integer, there can be no biggest rational number - since any integer is a rational number with the denominator = 1.

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is 17.02 a rational number?

is 12.05 a rational number or irrational number?

is 3.456 a rational or irrational number?

it is a rational number. it can be written as a fraction.

is a whole number is a rational number?

you mean is a whole number a rational number? and yes it is and rational number. any number that can be put in a fraction is a rational number

what is a rational number number which is not a rational number?

there is no such thing as a number that is both rational and irrational. by definition, every number is either rational or irrational.

is a rational number always a rational number?

as much as, in these days of uncertainty, anything can be anything. as long as the constraints of a rational number are kept to, a rational number will always remain a rational number.

is 9.0 rational or irrational?

9.0 is a rational number

is 8.21 a rational number?

any number that has a finite number of decimal digits is rational.

is 14.1 a rational number or a integer?

it is a rational number, not an integer.

which number can be multiplied to a rational number to explain that the product of two rational numbers is rational?

it must be a generalised rational number. otherwise, if you select a rational number to multiply, then you will only prove it for that number.

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