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prior to the current united states-mexico border, mexico took up the following locations; arizona, new mexico , part of texas, oklahoma , colorado , nevada, and part of utah.


now picture the united state today, and without 50 states, and having states built around mexico. check it out on google if you don't believe me.

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the mexicans settle in texas, new mexico, oklahoma, and arizona.

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q: where did mexicans settle once in america ?
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what region did the mexicans settle in?


when did mexicans first came to america?

mexico is part of america. therefore mexicans have been in america since they were mexicans.

are mexicans from north america or europe?

mexicans are from north america.

was the suez canal in south america?

mexicans mexicans mexicans mexicans mexicans stupid

how did america get mexican land?

americans thought that there land stopped beyond where mexicans say it did, and the americans said it was of the river rio grande. president polk decided to make a treaty for land but the mexicans refused. after that us marched troops down to settle the argument, and then mexicans attacked america. america won the battle and therefor took land from mexico

where did ireland settle once they got to america?

new york, boston, the midwest

where do the mexicans live in america?


why did mexicans want americans to settle into texas?

the land was largely unsettled. the mexicans wanted people to settle there and develop the land into farms and ranches, build roads and towns, etc.

what kind of sports did the mexicans bring to america?

soccer is the most popular sport brought by mexicans into america.

how many mexicans have migrated to america?

about 27 mexicans every year

why did mexico offer americans land in texas?

mexicans refused to settle there

what year did mexicans start coming to america?

when it was america

what did the mexicans bring to america?

they brought there culture to america

where did the mexicans settle?

on march 13, 1325 when the original mexicans, also known as aztecs, founded the city of tenochtitlan (today mexico city).

how did the mexicans get to america when they immigrated?

they walked

are there more mexicans than americans?

in america there are more americans and in mexico there are more mexicans.

did the native americans settle in america?

yes, the native american society did settle in america.

who did the english population in north america settle?

who did the english population in north america settle

where in north america did the vikings settle?

they settle in mewfoundland

when did americans want to settle in texas?

beginning about 1821 after the mexicans gained independence from spain.

why is the us trying to keep mexicans out?

because as of late many of the mexicans coming to america were and are illegal.

how did the native americans arrive in america?

they are mexicans

what continent are mexicans from?

mexico in south america

what the aztecs were originally?

they were mexicans in meso-america

what percent of mexicans go to college in america?