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where and when did barry sadler sing the song ballad of the green beret ?

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what songs supported vietnam war?

"ballad of the green beret", by barry sadler (1940-1989).

what album is the ballad of the green beret on?

the album was titled "ballads of the green berets" by s sgt. barry sadler.

who sung the ballad of the green beret?

sgt.barry sadler

what was the no 1 song april 1 1966?

"ballad of the green beret" by sgt. barry sadler was the number 1 hit song on april 1, 1966.

was there an answer to the song ballad of the green beret?

he wore the green beret-lesley miller

when was the poem green beret first published?

the poem "green beret" by ho thien was translated and published (posthumously) sometime after 1966. robin moore (1925-2008) wrote the novel "the green berets" in 1965 (isbn 0-312-98492-8) barry sadler (1940-1989) sang the hit song "ballad of the green beret" in 1966. the film "the green berets", starring actor john wayne (1907-1979), was released in 1968.

what are some lesser popular songs that were in support of the vietnam war?

probably the only song that may be considered to be supportive of the war was ssgt barry sadler's "ballad of the green beret", and even that one had a sad ending.

what women was awarded the green beret?

women are not allowed in the green beret.

what song do you know that protested the vietnam war?

arlo guthrie's "alice's resturant" was well received by war protesters as was barry sadler's "ballad of the green beret" by the vfw types. in most songs pro or con, arguments were irrelevant, people were divided, period.

how long to earn green beret?

if you cant answer this, good luck joining the green beret. be ready for so much hell that you will be crying for mommy at the start. couple years. ---ex-green beret---

what is the toughest army?

green beret

any women in the green beret?


does the green beret still exist?

they do!

what are the ratings and certificates for green beret - 1985 vg?

green beret - 1985 vg is rated/received certificates of: canada:pg

who is the best female green beret?

there are no female green berets.

what are the movie titles with the word green in it?

the green milethe green beretthe green hornet

who was the publisher of green beret?

skyhorse publishing

who were the special forces in vietnam?

green beret.

is there a green beret hall of fame?

yes, there is a special forces (green beret) hall of fame. it is located in moon hall on ft bragg, nc.

who would win the mafia or the green beret?

the green beret would win because they have special training and mafia is just a group of misfit thugs.

how many members are in the green beret hall of fame?

this is a very special award. jfk authorized the green beret in 1961. approximately 85 men have been inducted into the us army special forces green beret hall of fame as of summer 2012.

where do find the beret on poptropica?

a green beret is worn by the tour guide on the underground tour on counterfeit island.

who sang son of the green beret?

jerry wallace

was actor bill duke a green beret?


what is an example of a unit tradition?

wearing the green beret