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what are words with the soft th sounds?

together, feather, thin, thanks, soothing

soft and hard th word?

a hard /th/ word is "that." a soft /th/ word is "thumb." notice the difference when you say them.

what is the difference of hard and soft th sound?

in english, the soft 'th' is more like exhaling, and the hard 'th' makes more of a humming sound. for example: soft 'th' - think, thin, three, thanks hard 'th' - the, them, these, those

what words contain the sounds th and dh?

some words that contain the th (soft th) sound are: father mother other than the some words that contain the dh (hard th) sound are: both earth north nothing south thing

words with soft th and hard th?


can you give 5 soft th sound and 5 hard th sound?

soft /th/ bath, earth, moth, thumb, thinghard /th/the, these, mother, feather, they

is throne hard or soft th sound word?


words with soft th?


do loud sounds travel faster then soft sounds?


is th in smooth soft or hard?

-th in smooth is hard as in words like there or then

soft word with th?

weather, arithmetic,

what is another word for make low sounds?

the answer for this is soft sounds. ; )

words that sounds th and dh?


how does the ear distinguish between loud sounds and soft sounds?


what are the thing that produced soft and loud sounds?

everything that makes sounds?

examples of soft sounds?


are high pitched sounds loud or soft?

there's no connection between loudness and pitch of a sound. high-pitched sounds and low-pitched sounds can all be either loud or soft.

is the th sounds in the word this voiced or unvoiced?


what are some soft sounds you hear?

my thoughts

what are the things that produce soft sounds?


10 examples of th sound soft and hard?


what sounds do weak vibrations produce?

weak vibrations produce soft or quieter sounds.

does a xylophone produce loud sounds?

a xylophone can produce both soft and loud sounds.

does this word have a hard or soft consonant for a beginning letter cinder?

the word cinder starts with a soft consonant. when the 'c' sounds like a 'k' it is considered hard. when it sounds like an 's' it is considered soft.

words with t and th sounds and use in a sentence?