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when was sydeny opera house built ?

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which is the world's most famous opera house?

probably sydeny opera house :)

which contient is sydeny opera house in?


what are the benefits of the sydeny opera house?

to entertain and the way it looks to increase tourism

what can be done to ensure that the sydeny opera house is survial?

keep it repaired when it needs repair.

what are some national monuments in haiti?

the sydeny opera housethe statue of libertyaustralia zoo

why was the opera house built?

for opera

what is sydney opera house built on?

sydney opera house is built on bennelong point.

first opera house built in us?

the grand opera house was built in 1883-84 and could sit 2,418. the grand opera house was built in 1883.

why is sydney opera house so attractive?

it is because of the desing sydeny has the best desing in the enitire world

is the opera house older than the harbor bridge?

the sydeny harber brigh is older then the oprah housw

why was sydney opera house built?

sydney opera house was built to add to the beauty and culture of sydney. it was also built for entertainment.

when was the opera house built?


when was the sydney opera house built?

the opera house was built between 1959 to 1973. the opera house was finished ten years later the estimated time and was fourteen times over budget.

what opera house is the phantom of the opera based on?

the paris opera house, also known as the 'opera garnier'(the garnier opera house) or the 'palais garnier' - after charles garnier, the architect who built it.

who build the sydney opera house?

jorn utzon built the sydney opera house in 1959!...

when was the sydney opera built?

sydney opera house was completed in 1973.

what is the sydney opera house built in the shape of?

in the shape of a shell the sydney opera was built by jorn uzton

how built the sydney opear house?

kk eskrigge built the sydney opera house

what famous landmarks will you find in sydeny?

sydney opera house is most famous landmark in sydney. and sydney harbour bridge is also famous.

famous opera house in milan?

the scala opera theatre built in 1778! :)

how did sydney opera house get its name?

umm. well it is an opera house and, more importantly, it was built in sydney australia.

why is the opera house in sydney?

the sydney opera house was built by the government of new south wales of which sydney is the capital.

who built the paris opera house?

charles garnier.

what year was the sydney opera house built?


when was the tenerife opera house built?

it was completed in 2003