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it its their way of respecting the greek gods :'d (bad answer sry)

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why did the greeks perform rituals?

learn about it

why did greeks perform rituals?

they burn their offerings

what did the greeks do for the gods?

the greeks performed rituals.

what did the greeks do to earn the favor of gods and goddesses?

the greeks performed rituals.

why did greeks perfroms rituals?

to entertain and to inform

neanderthals what rituals did they perform?

they buried their dead

what did the greeks do for rituals and festivals for their gods and goddesses?

they did rituals and festivals for there gods and goddesses to praise and honor them.i hope this helped you.

why did pharaohs perform daily rituals?

the rituals were a sighn of lovr but the pharaohs just wanted attention

why did the greeks have festival and rituals for their gods?

to praise and honour their gods

how did ancient greeks worship their gods?

by rituals, sacrifices and festivals.

why did the greeks have festivals and rituals for their gods?

because there todd's were important

why were greek rituals performed?

greeks sought their gods' favor.

what rituals do muslim perform?

muslims perform many rituals from small, daily ones such as washing and praying to hajj, a pilgrimage that they are expected to do at least once in their lives.

who did the greeks perform for?


what ways did greeks honor there gods?

greeks honoured their gods by conducting religious festivals and sacrifices, rituals and praying in temples.

why did pharaohs have to perform daily rituals and duties?

ya mum

how do you perform satanic rituals?

rituals, satanic or otherwise, vary depending on the group of people that invented them. similarly other church rituals vary depending on which church you go to.

why were rituals important in the greeks' worship?

so the gods wouldn't be angry

the greeks hoped to earn the favor of their gods and goddesses by performing what?

rituals to honor them

ritual in a sentence?

ancient mayans used to perform sacrificial rituals.

who perform religious rituals in brahmanism?

brahmans do it people

what methods or rituals did the greeks practice to please the god hestia?

pigs were sacrificed to hestia

do atheists perform satanic rituals?

no. most atheists do not believe in satan any more than they believe in god, and they consider satanist rituals to be as pointless as any other religious rituals.

what are family rituals?

family rituals are inherited from ancestors that what ever they perform on their occasion in the way that criteria will goes on through life in next generations .

why do people perform rituals?

rituals call our attention to the divine. by having organized rituals, one can focus their attention on the higher being that we call god. this maximizes our experience during our worship services.