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what was the political life during mahabharata ?

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did mahabharata exist?

as per the hindu mythology, yes mahabharata is a real life story

what is the significance of mahabharata?

mahabharata teaches us the morales of life. it also teaches people dharma (righteous living) of life. it establishes faith in god as well.

what do you learn from mahabharata?

you learn what life is genuinely like and the true reality of life

what was the name off delhi during the days of mahabharata?


what was political life like for the jews during the holocaust?


what two political parties took shape during the 1830?

the two main political parties during the life of lincoln were democratic and whigs.

what is the real theme of mahabharata?

the real theme of mahabharata is to show people real morales of life. motivate them for following their dharma (righteous living).

what has the author mahabharata written?

mahabharata. has written: 'the mahabharata'

why do religious discussion are included in the mahabharata?

mahabharata is an epic poem of hinduism. basic 4 principles of life are talked in mahabharata. dharma (righteous living) artha (material prosperity) kāma (enjoyment) & moksha (liberation).

during the war of mahabharata in which place did bhima kill bakasura?


who is the winner during mahabharata war?

pandvas came as the victors in this war.

why are religious discussions included in the mahabharata?

because they wanted freedom in there life

what significant political events occurred during shakespeare's life?

here is the answer! the significant political event that occurred during shakespeare's life is... king james i was crowned. yipee wasn't that an awesome answer. i know it's such an awesome answer.

who was the commander-in-chief of the pandava army during the mahabharata war?


why do you think religious discussions are included in the mahabharata?

because they wanted freedom in their life.

did lord krishna meet yashoda after mahabharata?

yashoda was the foster mother of krishna during his infancy and childhood. mahabharata battle took place many many years later.

was ramayana inside of mahabharata the epics?

ramayana and mahabharata are two different epics. ramayana is not part of mahabharata.

who recited the mahabharata?

ved vyasa

what heroic things does arjuna do in the mahabharata?

there are number of heroic things that arjuna do in mahabharata. the list is long and beyond the scope. better you read the mahabharata. rather study the mahabharata.

what is the moral lesson in the story mahabharata?

the story mahabharata includes the gita in it,, and the gita has many moral lessons.. seriously many lesson about life. look for the gita and u'll get all ur answers

when lord first told geeta?

bhagwad geeta was told by shree krishna to arjun during the war of mahabharata. geeta shows ways to successful life path for each and every human.

where did lord krishna deliver the discourse of bhagwat geeta?

lord krishna delivered the message of life to arjun during the war of mahabharata. it included ideal lifestyle and how to carry out dharma (righteous living).

what 2 books do hindu followers use to express their philosophy of life?

the bhagavad gita & the mahabharata.

ancient name of mahabharata?

the ancient name of mahabharata is jaya

what is the other name for indian epic 'mahabharata'?