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q: what was the cause of death of hector lavoe son hector perez jr ?
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what is the name of the book of hector lavoe son jose wrote?

the hector lavoe story by: jose a. perez & antonio i. mejias

what is the birth name of hector lavoe?

hector lavoe's birth name is hector juan perez martinez.

how many children hector lavoe have?

hector lavoe had 1kid and it was a boy his name was hector perez jr

hector perez daughter?

leslie is puchi"s (nilda perez roman) daughter from another man before she meet hector lavoe she not his biological daughter.

how many children did hector lavoe had?

hector lavoe had 3 kids. his first born was jose alberto perez whose mother's name is carmen castro. then came hector's only daughter leslie perez. and hector's baby was his son hector perez jr. their mom was puchi romΓ n.

how many children did nilda perez have?

nilda puchi roman perez was the wife of the legendary salsa singer, hector lavoe. they had two children. the elder was hector perez jr., and the younger was leslie perez.

who is hector lavoe?

hector lavoe or originally named hector perez was a salsa pioneer, a style of music that is a mix of jazz, cumbia, mambo, that uses trumpets instead of saxophones. he led a tragic life filled with drugs and depression. his life was euphoric highes and rock bottom lows.

did hector lavoe have a son?

1st son ; jose alberto perez born 10/30/68 to carmen castro, 2nd son with nilda perez hector jr 09/25/69 he died at the age of 18

did puchi lavoe marry again after hector lavoe?

no.hector lavoe was her only love!!!!!!

who is hector lavoe daughter with nilda puchi roman perez?

biologically not his daughter only by name, she is puchi's daughter with someone else.

how did hector lavoe get aids?

hector lavoe contracted aids by sharing needles. he didn't use clean ones.

how did nilda roman perez died?

answernilda roman perez died in an accident, according to her grandson she fell and hit her head very hard, "the lavoe curse" , that started with lavoe's older brother, caught up with hector's son tito, and then hector lavoe himself.

are there any pictures of the real hector lavoe and puchi lavoe?

i read somewhere that hector lavoe's sister has a myspace page with pictures of hector and puchi.

did puchi and hector lavoe have children?

yes, hector jr

did puchi lavoe contract the aids virus from hector lavoe?

no puchi did not contract the aids virus from hector lavoe. even in the later years of there relationship, they had still used protection.

how did hector lavoe started with drugs?

hector juan perez martinez was a puerto rican salsa singer. ... with the willie colΓ³n band, lavoe recorded several hit songs, including el malo and canto a borinquen. while working with the willie colΓ³n band, lavoe became addicted to drugs and began to habitually be late when scheduled to perform with the band.

who introduce drugs to hector lavoe?

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how tall was hector lavoe?


was hector lavoe gay?

yes !

do you have puchi hector lavoe pictures?

there is a picture on good luck. i do want hector lavoe's pictures yes, i do want hector lavoe and puchi's pictures

where can you find the book that hector lavoes son wrote about hector lavoe?

you can find the book online through any book store, google it. this is probably the easiest way or call your local area bookstores to see if they have it in stock. the book is called ...the hector lavoe story by jose a. perez & antonio i. mejias. it also means lover boy

what nicknames did hector lavoe go by?

hector lavoe went by la voz, el cantante, and el cantante de los cantantes.

show the picture of hector lavoe wife?


what year hector lavoe die?


what year did hector lavoe die?