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bhoopendra saharan
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i think that major cause is religious discrimination or untouchability

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connie ferry

2021-05-16 14:05:52

great answer tyy ?

your answer


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what was the religious hierarchy during the nineteenth century?

christianity was the religious hierarchy.

what were the chief sources of political instability during the fourteenth century?

the chief sources of political instability were the hundred years' war, the black death, and the papal schism.

what does the highwayman mean?

a highwayman is a person who robs the travellers who travel through the highway. they were prevalent in england during the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century. they travelled on horses.

were there any important religious events in the 15th century?

yes, there were some important religious events in the 15th century. the catholic university at leuven was opened and joan of arc was burned at the stake during this century.

what did religious beliefs and a sense of optimism inspire many americans to do during the early nineteenth century?

religious beliefs and a sense of optimism inspired many americans to spend more time with families during the early nineteenth century.

which religious group in england during the sixteenth century wanted to purify the church?

the puritans.

what did chinese people want freedom from during the 13th and 14th century?

religious persecution

can you put prevalent in a sentence?

that style was much more prevalent during the 1960s.

what explains the relationship between enlightenment thought and the religious establishment during the 18th century?

the religious establishment in 18th century europe began to incorporate science and reason into its philosophy, creating a new religious movement that would spread to america

what are venetian masks used for?

they were used in eighteenth century during a climate and religious repression in venice

what new religious ideas set the stage for the reform movements of the mid-19th century?

revivalism swept across the united staes in the early 19th century. revival was a religious gathering that relied on emotional sermons to awaken religious feelings which become popular during the early 19th century.

what did religious beliefs and optimism lead some people to do during the early nineteenth century?

religious beliefs and optimism lead some people in the early 19th century to form new religious denominations. it also led many to join existing denominations.

who emigrated from persia to india in 8th century?

it was the zoroastrians that migrated from persia to india during the 8th century. they did this to get away from religious persecution by the muslims.

how did russian revolution contribute to instability in europe during and after world war i?

how did russian revolution contribute to instability in europe during and after world war 1?the russian revolution contribute when

why didn't calvinists get religious freedom?

calvanists were denied religious freedoms due to religious politics. in sixteenth century england, the church of england broke away from the pope's authority during the english reformation.

which great awakening was a time of significant religious changes in america during the latter years of the nineteenth century?


what are the political and religious and that took during the 16th century?

during the 16th century, the protestant reformation led to the establishment of the church of england and several other denominations. there was a rivalry between catholic spain and protestant england.

how was the religious schism during the 16th century symptomatic of political social and economic problems?

sorry for false answer... ap dbq?

when did feudalism start and end in germany?

feudalism became prevalent in europe, including germany about 1000 ad. it came to an end during the 18th and 19th century with the rise of the industrial revolution.

what were the chinese people seeking freedom form during the 13th and 14th century?

chinese people seeking freedom from religious persecution during the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries.

which religious order preserved the bible during the dark ages by writing out copies by hand?

the benedictines preserved the scriptures from the sixth century on.

what was prussia's religion during the 16th century?

in the 16th century prussia did not exist as such. its predecessor was brandenburg, which was catholic until the rise of martin luther. after the religious split in the second half of the 16th century brandenburg became a protestant state.

during menopause vasomotor instability is most likely to cause?

hot flashes.

why did so many immigrants come to the us during the nineteenth century?

to escape crop failure, famine, harsh governments and for religious freedom.

what is the purpose of spinal instrumentation?

spinal instrumentation is used to treat instability and deformity of the spine. instability occurs when the spine no longer maintains its normal shape during movement.