australian shepherds

what size crate for a 55 pound australian shepherd ?

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what size do miniature australian shepherds need there crate to be?

from the size of the dog they should be in a medium crate maximum.

what size crate do you need for a german shepherd?

large or extra large if he likes to stretch out.

could an australian shepherd win a fight against a german shepherd?

no. the german shepherd would beat up an australian shepherd only because it is bigger. but if they were the same size the australian shepherd would beat the german shepherd in a fight.

size of australian shepherd brain?

the same size as it's two paws together.

what the size of a german shepherd when it is born?

they average about one pound at birth.

what is the average size of a miniature australian shepherd?

smaller than a regular aussie.

what is the average litter size of an australian shepherd?

5 or 6 but can go up to 12

what size crate do you need for 50 pound dog?

you would probably need any size medium crate. if you don't think i'm right, type this question into or hope i helped! -allyssa :)

how many apples are in a crate of apples?

that would depend on the size of the crate, and the size of the apples.

how big is the coyote when it is fully grown?

about the size of an australian shepherd, males weigh around 50-55 pounds.

size crate for a maltese?

i purchased a medium size crate for my maltese puppy. it fits him right, and when he gets bigger, it will still work for him.

how much does a plastic milk crate weigh?

the weight of a milk crate varies from between four to ten pounds, depending on the size of the crate and the material it was made from.

what is the american size for australian size 6 pants?

size 10 australian

how do you convert australian sizes to american sizes in kids shoes?

converting american sizes to australianeach american size is 4 digits less than the equivalent australian size. examples:size 2 american = size 6 australiansize 4 american = size 8 australiansize 6 american = size 10 australian

what is size xl australian to us size?

an australian xl is a us size large. an australian xxl is also a us size large. australian clothing sizes are larger than us sizes.

australian size 8 in american sizes?

each american size is 4 digits less than the equivalent australian size. australian size 8 = american size 4

is there any other australian shepherd other then toy and mini's that's all i see for sale is there just a regular size?

male australian shepherds can be as big as 50 to 65 pounds, and females can weight as much as 40 to 55 pounds, so, yes, i'd say you could buy a regular size australian shepherd. i'm not sure where all you're searching to find one, but you may consider looking in other places. some suggestions would be the classifieds section in your local papers, craigslist and ebay.

what size dog crate should you get for a rat terrier?


what size is a gm crate engine casting m10069vp?


what are the american dress size equivalents to the australian dress sizes?

to get the australian size you add 4 to the american one. for example: size 4 american= size 8 australian

is there a breed that is the size and shape and manner of a german shepherd but short hair?

yeah, a short haired german shepherd. or a belgian shepherd.

what size crate should you get for a boxer?

a crate should be big enough for them to stand up, lie down, and turn around fairly easily.

what to do if your puppy stills potties in their crate during crate training?

if you were my client, first question i would ask you is in regards to the size of your crate in proportion to the size of your puppy. unless a dog is sick or has been left in a crate for an extended period of time (more than 6 hours) most puppies will not potty where they sleep. if your puppy is in a crate that is too large for him, he will have the freedom to use the other side of the crate than he sleeps to relive himself. during puppy crate training, the crate should only be big enough for the puppy to stand up, turn around and lay back down. some larger crates come with a divider so the crate can grow with your puppy. also, the puppy should be in and out of his crate during the day, teaching the puppy that the crate is a safe place. for example, when you can't have your eyes on the puppy 100% of the time (doing chores, taking shower) the puppy should be in his proper size crate and should be rewarded when he enters the crate with either affection, or small treat. this will teach him that the crate is a good place to be.

what rhymes with weight that has a size?

crate it can be large, enormous, small, etc

what is the size of rectangle milk crate?

half pint or 1 cup