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listerine is more effective then scope

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q: what procedure you need for which mouthwash kill more germs scope or listerine ?
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what mouthwash used the phrase a handshake instead of a kiss?


what are the top three best selling brands of mouthwash?

1. listerine mouthwash 2. crest pro health 3. scope

is there a mouthwash that helps fight bad breath and cavitities?

listerine and scope are the best mouthwashes that fight bad breath and cavities.

what is the alcohol content in mouthwash?

mouthwash contain more alcohol than wine. it contain 6.6% to 26.9% alcohol. a detail content of alcohol in mouthwash are as below: listerine 26.9% scope 18.9% signal 14.5% cepacol 14.0% listermint 6.6%

is scope mouthwash gluten free?

there is no gluten in mouthwash.

alcohol content of scope original mouthwash?

the total amount of alcohol in scope original mouthwash is 18.9%. when used caution should be taken not to swallow the mouthwash.

is one of thease the one that kills the most bacteria scope listerine or crest?


what is the shelf life of scope mouthwash?

it is good

what is eb scope?

that is mouthwash for extra bad breath!

is scope mouthwash a base or a acid?

all mouthwashes are acidic in nature.

ingredients of scope mouthwash?

scope mouthwash consists of glycerin, polysorbate 80, sodium saccharin, sodium benzoate, cetylpyridinium chloride, and benzoic acid. it also includes yellow number 5 and blue number 1.

can braces cause gums to recede?

braces themselves don't. but they make it difficult to maintain really good dental hygiene, which can cause gums to recede. if you have braces, you can start by making sure you brush and floss twice a day. a mouthwash like listerine or scope can't hurt either.

is scope a convenience product?

the mouthwash? sure, you'd pick it up in a convenience store.

can you drink scope mouthwash?

most mouthwashes are given a bitter taste so that you do not swallow them.

can mouthwash make your breath smell of alcohol?

ultimately no. not all mouthwashes contain alcohol, but the ones that due are generally small in proportion to every other chemical example: alcohol in mouthwash listerine 26.9% scope 18.9% signal 14.5% cepacol 14.0% listermint 6.6% source: even if you were to use gallons of mouthwash, your breath would smell mintier. it is also unlikely that the alchohol content would show up on a police issue breathaliser.

what is the medical term meaning procedure in which a scope is passed into the larynx and the physician can look at the larynx?

the procedure is called laryngoscopy

what is the name of the medical term of the pancreas and duodenum?

procedure of the abdomen using a scope

what is the procedure in which a scope is passed into the larynx where the physician is able to look at the larynx is what type of laryngoscopy?


what is an example of a sentence using the word scope?

score tends to refer to the range of something, whether a social issue or something concrete and visual.the scope of the problem of pets being abandoned at shelters in huge numbers is compounded by the fact that there is no legislation calling for mandatory desexing of non-purebred cats and dogs.the average computer user really has no understanding of the scope of the problem of cyber-crime, or of how vulnerable they are.

why did scope discontinue cinnamon mouthwash?

according to the boilerplate at the p&g faq page:'we have discontinued smooth mint flavored scope and scope cinnamon ice and citrus splash. like you, we're disappointed that too few people wanted this product for stores to readily stock it on their shelves. we stillhave cool peppermint and original mint available and scope white. look for them in your favorite store.'

do they put you to sleep for plastic surgery?

that would depend entirely on the scope of the procedure. for some they do, for others they don't.

what is ebus-tbna procedure?

short answer to your question. it is a procedure in which a flexible tube or scope is inserted into the mouth and then into the lungs to examine them for possible disease, lung cancer being one of them.

does scope mouthwash hurt a lip piercing?

it wont hurt if you have your ring in but make sure you have your ring in and play with it so you make sure you didnt block the middle with mouthwash also if you decide to be silly and careless and you dont care about your piercings you can take it out and then mouthwash but then be very sure you put your ring back in right away so it doesnt block up *with new mouth/lip piercings you should always use alcohol free mouth wash.

do you get diarrhea from drinking mouthwash?

yes. very severe diarrhea. in fact, i drank half an economy sized bottle of scope this afternoon and ended up feeling really gassy earlier tonight, 6 hours after drinking said mouthwash, so i decided to cut a fart and accidentally sh*t myself instead. wouldn't recommend drinking mouthwash unless you're desperate, unless you have a thing for minty fresh puke and sharting.

what exactly does colonoscopy mean?

a colonoscopy is a procedure in which the doctor sends a scope up the anus and into the colon to take a look around. the scope has a small camera on it which projects its picture onto a monitor that the doctor looks at.